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Testing the Prisoner
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Phil Giunta (phil_giunta) | 6 comments I was editing one of my books here because it has a new cover as of today. I was able to add the artist and layout credits for the new cover, but I cannot delete the designer of the old cover (Lynn Murphy). When I try to delete that contributor, I simply receive "ERROR Try again" continuously.

I thought perhaps this was happening because there is also an author named Lynn Murphy, but this is not the same person.

Help? Thank you!

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42507 comments Mod
1) Please do not update covers on published books. Add a new edition instead. I have reverted the cover changes.

2) Editors only belong on multi-author works. Removed.

3) Cover designer, layout, etc. also do not belong as secondary authors. See

Phil Giunta (phil_giunta) | 6 comments Thank you for your help.

message 4: by James (new)

James DeMeo One of my books has a contributor listed who shouldn't be there.

The book is the 2010 edition of the Orgone Accumulator Handbook. 11247814-the-orgone-accumulator-handbook

The inaccurate contributor is "Stefan Muschenich".

I've tried to delete him, but an error message keeps coming up. That fellow contributed to a 1989 version of the book, different ISBN, but not in this 2010 edition.

The other contributor Eva Reich is OK and should remain.

I am the author-publisher of this work, and you can verify by viewing the listing at Amazon, or at our listing, here:

Thanks, James

message 5: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments 4 fixed. next time, please start a new thread with your requests instead of adding to a thread dedicated to a specific book. thanks!

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