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Mike Meyer I just have to share the second 5-star review I received today for COVERT DREAMS: "I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. B.J. and Gina are a wonderfully loving couple. They wanted children, but that was not to be, yet through even that, they became closer than ever...until now. His dreams have begun taking taking over his life! What's real? What's not? Is he losing his mind???

Stan Halsey and his lovely wife Valerie have decided they need a fresh start after the unfortunate death of their son. Stan has a lucrative job offer in Saudi Arabia and leaves Valerie in Rome while he sets things up. She sends a message saying she's about to land in Jeddah. When he arrives, not only is she nowhere to be found but there's no evidence of any paperwork proving her existence. Is he losing his mind? Does Valerie even really exist?

I'm not giving anymore character descriptions besides these two main characters for fear of creating spoilers. This novel will definitely be on my top ten favorites of 2013. The story has so many twists and turns, it left me with my head spinning (in a good way)! The end shocked me, trust me, read this book, you'll be picking your jaw up off of the ground too. BEST. READ. EVER!"

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Tom Krug (thomas_krug) | 31 comments Nice! It's always great to receive some validation for your hard work. I'm glad to see you've gotten 49 other good reviews as well!

Mike Meyer Thank you, Thomas.

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