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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
Comment with your thoughts on this chapter.

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It is difficult for me to summon the same outrage that Dumbass Damask feels over her mother's marriage to Simon. Yes, Simon is a little snake. But her mother is, in her way, practical.

I've always thought that women not of our modern era had little room for sentimentality and marriage was more of a practical social contract. In other words, Damask's outrage and principles are getting a tad old.

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ps....should have noted that I've given Damask her nickname due to events in the following chapters....she was simply starting to get irritating by Chapter 6. Later chapters, which I'll talk about in the appropriate folders, prove her dumb as a box of rocks, lol.

message 4: by MaryKate (new)

MaryKate (marykate711) | 202 comments Haha, I like Dumbass Damask--it has a certain poetic quality to it!

I think I'm more annoyed by the mother's general approach to life--just ignore it. I can understand why she would want to marry Simon (and I'm also annoyed with Damask because if her mother HADN'T agreed to marry him, they probably very truly would have been out on the streets with nothing, something that I'm sure Damask would not have been able to get used to), but I just do not have respect for her character.

Also, poor Rupert. He's a good man and all he wants to do is take care of Damask who, the more I read, doesn't seem like she deserves him.

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Now there is a great point: she indeed does not deserve him!

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
-----Trying to not look at above comments----

Pg 158
"It was amazing how people could not prevent themselves discussing subjects which they knew could be dangerous. They reminded me of moths flying to a candle."

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
Love how Damask is laying into her mother about Simon. And what's with all the potions!!

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Marie wrote: "Love how Damask is laying into her mother about Simon. And what's with all the potions!!"

Something I've always wanted to they made all that and try it at home. :)

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Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 536 comments Mod
Hello dear Damask.. It is time to move on and move in with Rupert.

(I do remember the severe grieving when my own father died and I am now not speaking to most of that side of the family, but I was able to move on with my own life).

Strange that Damask is going to have a sibling.
I keep waiting for Bruno to show up, though he was such an odd fish. And what of Mother Salter?

So who do you think betrayed her father? I can't help but think that it was Simon.

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MaryKate (marykate711) | 202 comments I was concerned about the potions too! Looks like Damask's mother is a but of the druggie haha.

I don't like Simon one bit and it wouldn't surprise me if he was the one who betrayed Damask's father. I also think, though, that maybe Carr is going for a surprise here and Simon isn't the one who informed on him? I don't know!

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I know I definitely thought it was Simon.

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