Gig Harbor AP Language reads Dead Man Walking discussion

Period 4: Chapters 4 and 5: Question 5

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message 1: by Maddie (new)

Maddie | 8 comments Put yourself in the LeBlanc’s shoes. How would you feel as you watch Pat’s death?

Remember that you have to answer 2 questions for credit for our lesson in addition to the responses required by Mrs. Gilbert.

message 2: by Yalan (last edited Apr 02, 2009 08:22PM) (new)

Yalan | 9 comments In many of the stories I've heard about revenge, when the person finally receives what they want, they find that they really don't feel any better and are only pressed further into pain. Leblanc has been holding the grief of losing his child, and finds it easiest to find one object to release it on, kind of like someone taking out anger on a punching bag. His scapegoat is Sonnier, which makes sense because Sonnier was the murderer. After the execution, Leblanc still won't have his daughter and he also won't have Sonnier to blame any longer, thus his grief will only increase since he has no punching bag to bang on. I think he'll also realize that asking for revenge didn't solve anything and was therefore irrational, so he'll feel guilty for seeking revenge in the first place.

message 3: by Grace (new)

Grace | 3 comments The death penalty sends the wrong message, that we need to kill people who kill people to show killing is wrong. The "eye for an eye" mentality will never solve anything. A revenge philosophy leads to an endless cycle of violence and if I were to be put in LeBlanc's shoes I would not feel any closure watching Pat die. It will not bring my dead child back and it will not bring me any happiness.

message 4: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra (AlexAndren) | 2 comments I believe the death penalty is wrong on so many levels. It isn’t a true form of punishment, it is death. We as humans really are not fully capable to kill another human being. In result if I were to be in LeBlanc’s shoes I would not feel safer, I would feel dirty as if I just bloodied my hands with more blood other than my own child’s. I would feel like a murder. I would want the murder of my son/daughter not to be killed but to spend a life in prison thinking about what they have done.

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