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message 1: by Kayleigh (new)

Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) *If your character creation is not in this format, it will not be approved by MODs! Please bold it correctly and include everything! Also the entire thing does not need to be in bold! Use the correct html format*

NOTE: If you don't know how to Bold heres how: <.b>....<./b> (Don't put the period in it though!)
So it should look like this:
Name: Jane
Last Name"Doe

First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Nick Name (Optional):



Class Taught:

Appearance: *NO ANIME!!* Real people please!

Hair Color:
Eye Color:

General Style:

Distinguished Markings (If any):

Personality: Three to five sentences

History: Five to eight sentences

Relationship status:


message 2: by Ayn (new)

Ayn (vegangamer) First Name:Charles

Middle Name: Edwin

Last Name: Stockton

Nickname: Charlie

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Class Taught: Physiology

 photo tumblr_mippw5uyqg1s572nco1_500_zps2c6511f6.jpg
Hair Color: Brunette, reddish tint in the sun
Eye Color: Light green
Weight: 143

General Style: (view spoiler)

Distinguished Markings: The tattoos as shown on his body.

Personality: To those who address him as Professor Stockton, he is a teasing teacher that loves to crack jokes to make the class more casual. The students can tell what kind of mood he is in by the way he teaches that day. He tries to keep his personal life and work relationships separate. Charlie has a tendency to exaggerate the differences in ages between his students and himself.

History: Charlie was born in Charlestown, South Carolina to a single mother. He would see different men pass through and eventually he found himself the older brother of three little sisters. Growing up he witnessed all different types of racism, prejudice, homophobia, sexism, and more. He got a scholarship to Stanford from doing Lincoln Douglas (a debate based upon morals) in his debate team. The former Physiology professor took such a liking to Charlie, they co-wrote a book together. His teacher and him got along so well that before he retired, he requested Charlie to be his replacement.

Relationship status: Single


message 3: by Kayleigh (new)

Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Approved

message 4: by Jacob (last edited May 09, 2013 01:37PM) (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 45 comments First Name:Lucas

Middle Name: Sebastian

Last Name: Martakis
Nick Name (Optional): Prof. Martakis
Gender: m

Age: 36

Class Taught: Ancient Greek and Latin, He is also Swim team Coach

Appearance: (view spoiler)

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel, changing from a darkened grey to a vibrant blue.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 193 lb 4oz

General Style: Suit, Tie, dress shirt and pants on work days, on off days he is swimming or wearig v-necks and shorts.

Distinguished Markings (If any): none exept his eyes

Personality: He believes in holding a high standard in his class expecting eachstudent to participate and work their hardest to the best of their ability. He tries to ensure his students personal lives are not brought into the classroom as well as his own. He is open in his life and talks to really anyone who wants to talk. To his students he is seen as a true councellor to his students getting to know each one personally.
He never tries to over step the boundaries of the Sutdent-Professor relationships he is permitted by legal authority, but sometimes it does touch the line a bit too much.
His colleagues do not know much about him compared to his students.
He is a very kind and charming guy, but something mysterious rest in his eyes that no one can pin point.

History: Born in Athens, Greece to a doctor and a photographer. His mother cared for patients on mission trips to Africa and his father did alot of exploring to the most beautiful and exotic places in the world.

He went to a university in NYC, US. There he studied the arts adn teaching. Naturally being able to speak two other languages beside of English he managed to getting a teaching degree in Greek and Latin.

His parents are long gone now as they died a gruesome death being sacrificed by villagers believing that they were the reason God cursed them with a drought and famine.
He moved tot he states living with distant american relatives from age 17 to 21. Once he moved to California for his teaching carreer he managed so much in hopes to make the spirits of his parents proud of him.
Relationship status: Open and Bisexual


message 5: by Kayleigh (new)

Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) approved

message 6: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 45 comments thnx kay

message 7: by Mason (new)

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