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Newt is cast!

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Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ Thomas Brodie-Sangster is playing Newt! He's British and play's Ferb's (from Phineas and Ferb) voice (lol)

Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ Meiyu wrote: "OMG I'M SO EXITED.He plays Ferb's voice in Phineas and Ferb???Lol."

Well I think they're making a Phineas & Ferb movie and he plays the voice in that.

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So... it's official? He was in Game of Thrones apparently, I can't remember tho!! So excited!! Even tho he's like 23 he LOOKS so young!!

Worood I imagined him differently. :\ And he looks so young indeed.

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I imagined him older looking with really blonde hair and really strong looking, and well smoking hot :P

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Vivid Light ~ ♥♥ EmMa! wrote: "I imagined him older looking with really blonde hair and really strong looking, and well smoking hot :P"

Yeah, so far none of the actors are really hot. They BETTER have Thomas and Minho hot. I mean gees.

Cherie It's not official until wes ball says it is. I'm not trusting imdb anymore.

Cherie He's just who they want for the role, it could still change. Keep watching wes ball's twitter for the most accurate information.

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I don't even have twitter, you'll just have to keep me up to date Cherie ;)

Cherie Ah I will ;) It's the only thing I use my twitter for xD

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Haha. Tbh I really wanted Tom Felton for Newt? Hmm...

Cherie Yeah so did I =\ it was a dream though *sigh*

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Yeah but everyone I wanted cast is not cast so... Sucks but its not gonna happen

Cherie You can never have your dream cast :) but that doesn't mean that these actors aren't going to be great. I know that the Minho they cast isn't going to be drop dead gorgeous like I pictured, but I'm sure they are doing the best they can to find the right actors. They'll grow on us I'm sure :P

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I'm sure :)

Zhanaestilinski Completely funny because I just watched Nowhere Boy where he plays a young Paul McCartney. I hate it when you see or here something and then you start seeing it everywhere after that. There's a word for that right...
Anyway, I think he's adorable but he looks sort of weak and geeky.

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Is he a good actor?

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Vee Gretzinger he better be a damn good actor. this book is my life. and if it get ruined. i will go ape shit crazy.

Cherie wes ball finally confirmed it :P

Zhanaestilinski He was in Nanny McPhee, too, but I don't really think that confirms his acting credibility.

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Omg it's confirmed... Thanks Cherie!! Omg guys we officially have Newt!! I'm actually so excited :D

Cherie :) hopefully soon we get a hint as to who Minho, Thomas, or Teresa will be ^_^

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I cannot wait for Minho. The suspense is actually killing me... I think out of all the characters, including Newt Minho is the most popular character and there are high expectations for him in this movie.

Cherie Yeah... I have no idea who I would cast as Minho... The suspense is killing me! Dx

Caraline EmMa! wrote: "I imagined him older looking with really blonde hair and really strong looking, and well smoking hot :P"

Yeah me too... This guy is just not, not Newt for me.
Thomas and Minho and Alby better be good (and by good I mean hot)... :D

Lennie  Bell mmmmm he is hot! Not exactly my image of Newt, but he is hot

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Caraline I do like the guy who was cast for gally tho!!!!

Cherie ^ yeah, will poulter is really cute. ^_^

Caraline I'm praying Thomas and Minho are good

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