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Describe the setting of your SSR book and how it impacts the story

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Liemberger | 7 comments Mod
After you provide the title, author and page you are currently on, describe the setting(s) of your book. If your book has various settings, explain this and then describe each setting. Then, explain how the setting impacts the book.

Example: In Lord of the Flies, the general setting is a deserted island that has the potential to be a paradise, with abundant fruit, clear waters and miles of beach. However, within this paradise, there are many sub-settings. The jungle brings out the animal instincts in the hunters and always carries a sense of danger. This is the setting associated with Jack. The beach, on the other hand, is associated with Ralph and civilization, with the huts, coconut shells full of water and the meeting platform. Moreover, the general mood of the boys changes with the change of day. During the morning and evening, the boys can play and enjoy themselves. At mid-day, however, the unbearable heat and intense light creates mirages that leave the boys unable to trust what they see. At night, the imaginary "beastie" lurks in the dark and has many of the boys crying out in terror. Clearly the setting has a major impact on Lord of the Flies.

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Hakime Thomas (KingHakime) | 2 comments The author of my book is James Lincoln Collier, the name of my book is called The Corn Raid and currently I am on oage 110/142. The setting of my book is the 1600s of Jamestown Virginia. Currently a little englush boy named richard was forced by his master to invade an indian village for their corn and report back to him but richard was captured by another indian tribe and now they want him to show them where the corn is before they kill him.

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Demi Zingone | 6 comments I am currently reading 'New Moon', the second book of the Twilight saga. the author is Stephenie Meyer, and I am on page 205 of547. The setting of my book is Forks Washington, US. Forks is a cold, damp and dark place for vampires to roam freely without being noticed. The setting f this book was chosen so carefully, because it is almost always raining and it is hardly ever sunny. The vampires in this book are not like others that are showed as pale white, long fangs, wear dark clothes and black capes and who sleep in coffins. Oh and burn if they go out in sunlight. When these vamps are in sunlight, they sparkle, so it doesn't hurt them, or affect them in any way. Forks washington is a gloomy place for gloomy characters. Thats why the setting of a book or story is so important to the events that happen.

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Alex Maiorana | 7 comments I am reading Ranger's apprentice book 4 the authour of my book is John Flanagan I am on pg 146 of 294. The setting in this book is a feild and forest next to the ocean. The seeting impacts the book because the characters in the book live near the ocean and are like pirates, without their ships the events would never have happened in this book, and the forest helps the characters sneek around, if it was a different setting they would be cought and it would be much easier to conquer their land

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Yai'nee Anderson | 10 comments I'm reading a book by Nicholas Sparks called "The Notebook" and im on page 176 and the setting of my book takes place at a nursing home as well as a town in new bern. the settings jump from back to forth showing the past and looking on the present or present to past. the setting is important because it describes and shows in detail of how 2 people opposite people fell in love. the setting described how in the past how their childhood in their neighborhood affected their futures and lives and what they desired to always have. the nursing home shows that how their seem to reach for them to grow old together but the challenges they face during their especially wit their different and severe illnesses.

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Deborah F. (Xamille77) | 4 comments I’m currently reading “A Total Waste of Makeup”; the author is Kim Gruenenfelder, and I and now on page 133 of 384. In “A Total of Waste of Makeup”, there are several settings that it consists of. One setting would be the main character, Charlize, house where she drinks and smokes a lot. Another one would be the houses of her one night stands, which show the struggle and the emotional toll it takes of Charlize to find a good man. Finally another setting would be Charlize’s boss, Drew, house where her pre-birthday party and the embarrassment of her turning 30 took place.

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Greg Kercy | 8 comments The title of my book is called The Pact and it is written by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt. I am currently on page 133 out of the 239 pages in the book. This book has various setting because it is written by three different people and they each talk from their own point of view. However, the two setting they mostly talk about is a college school and the "ghetto" neighborhood they once lived in. These setting are big impacts on the story because they show how three black males grew up in a dangerous neighborhood full of drugs and violence and made it out of there to become successful and talented doctors. This shows how the setting created an impact on the story.

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Lanier A. | 6 comments The title of my book is broken in to a million pieces and I haven't really gotten that far in the book but from what I read so far the setting is on a plane and the man doesn't know why he's on the plane & this impact the story with suspense because the readers wants to know how & why he's on the plane and where he's going .

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Shaimir J. | 4 comments I am reading The River, by Gary Paulsen. I am on page 138 out of 200. The story takes place in the middle of the woods, near a large river. This setting is necessary because the main character (Brian) is teaching a friend how to survive with little resources. Brian is able to teach his friend good hunting techniques and strategies and how to create shelter for himself. This setting is unfavorable, because the weather conditions and threatening animals make it are to hunt. With heavy thunderstorms and hungry wolves and bears. Brian and his friend often find themselves stuck in the shelter. They have to learn to how to cope with the animals and predict the bad weather.

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Badi Ali | 10 comments I am reading son of the mob by George Korman I am on page 156. The storys setting is a filming college in Los angelas. The setting impacts the story because Vince Luca wants to get away from his family because they are constantly bringing conflict towards Vince. He moves far away from his family,who lives in new York, thinking there won't be any more drama. Until individual family members show up in his dorm at randdm times and make up lies why they are their. Then vince starts putting together what scheme the parents are up to.

message 11: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Pantalone | 7 comments I am waiting for my book at the library and the other books I am reading, I didn't get very far in so I am going to do this on the book I finished. This is called "Forever" by Judy Blume. Some settings of the story are a party environment. This is important because this is were the story begins and Katherine meets her first love, Michael. Next, there is their houses were they first express the love they have for each other and spend their time together. When they go camping, they experience time with out their parents and how they begin to trust each other and think they will always be with each other forever. Lastly, were the story begins to fall is when Katherine is away from Michael at a summer camp with her sister. This is because Katherine meets another guy, a tennis instructor who she begins to fall for, and loose love for Michael. These settings are all very important because if the characters weren't in these specific places, these conflicts and major things would have never happened. These are the settings and impacts of "Forever."

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Briana Little | 7 comments My current book is called Shades of Jade im in about the mid 40's in my book. The setting of my book im not so sure because I just started but I think it's in the hood because of I the details in the story.Also, so far in this book they have been in the main characters friend house which she stays. The impact on the setting is where most of the drama happens in my story so far.

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Jimmy Nie | 7 comments I finished the book "Vampire Hunter D Demon Deathchase" by Hideyuki Kikuchi, and now i'm getting a new book. The setting in vampire hunter d demon deathchase setting was basically a crowded village. This setting impact the story a lot because since the village was such a small place people started to vanished like the little boys in the first volume i read and now a elder villager daughter has been abducted by a vampire name Mayerling,Mayerling then bends the entire village to his will.

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Donell | 7 comments I am reading "Some Where In The Darkness" by Walter Dean Myers, on page 96/168. The setting is in the 1990's and so far the book has three different settings. The first is New York, because of his mother dying and his father was in jail he stayed with his mothers friend.
The second setting is Cleavland, once his father gets out of jail he comes back to New York looking for his soon then they both go to Cleavland for his dad to handle some things.
The third setting is Chicago,his father has a job there and his old girlfriends live there so he stops by to catch up with her.
The setting has a crazy impact because Crab tells jimmy he escaped from jail so the cops are for him everywhere they go.

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Tiffany | 3 comments The book i am currently reading is Dramd High: The Fight by L.Divine , i am on page 108 out of 202 pages.In the book jayd lives in Compton,Usa and goes to south bay high school in the wealthier neighborhood. Mainly the setting takes place in school because that is where all of the characters can come together and conflict arises and developts . Other settings include jayds house, partys, and the mall. places like jayds hous are commom setting because she is the main character and it lets us know what she is doing and how her actions will affect the next thing to happen . places like a party and mall bring characters together . This makes the setting a important part of the book.

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Joshua | 3 comments The name of my book is The Resisters: Sterling Squadron, the authors name is Eric Nylund, and I’m done the book. The setting of my book takes place mainly in their base hidden away in the Appalachian Mountains. They’re in the Appalachian Mountains because aliens called the Cha’zar have taken over the world so they stay there most of the time planning and coming up with ways to take down the alien threat. Other times they’re going on patrol around the base to make sure they’re not found.

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Diana | 10 comments i have currently changed my book, but the books that i was reading is called library card by jerry spinelli. i stopped at page 54. the setting is in present day and takes place in four young peoples lives. i only got up to the beginning of brenda(the second person in the book) in mongoose story,the setting takes place where there is vandalism and crimes. the library card makes mongoose turn away from being apart from vandalism because he discovers a world of startling facts and figures in books he never knew existed before.

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