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So yeah guys I'm just gonna write a teeny explanation for each rule, thought it might be helpful if you didn't understand why the rule existed c:

1.) No sex.- Goodreads is really cracking down and deleting groups so please don't do this! We want this rp to last...

2.) No excessive swearing- It honestly just looks immature when every other word is a cuss so keep it to a minimum, loves

3.) Don't be a jerk!- Just, yeah, don't.

4.) No being in two places at once.- This gets way too confusing if you want to rp more just make another character.

5.) Be nice. :)- We like nice people. Everyone likes nice people. :3

6.) RESPECT THE MODS, BRAH!!- We're here to help so please don't snap at us!

7.) Try to post at least two sentences. PER POST.- This just gives everyone something to respond to, it gets pretty tough when there's two words and you're expected to come up with a response

8.) Wait until your character is approved before you start rp-ing.- This helps the mods keep things organized, and allows us to be sure you're correctly filling out the applications. If none of us approve or disapprove, just shoot someone a message and we'll be on it!

9.) Invite as many or as little as you want.- Just you as an rper being here is enough, thank you for joining!

10.)Erm...oh yeah. No god-modding.- No one is perfect! This especially goes for scenes where two characters are physically fighting. Pushing someone down and then kicking is reasonable in most circumstances. Throwing them down, punching them repeatedly, and then throwing them into a pit of carnivorous butterflies? That, my friends, is god-modding.

11.) Don't interrupt anyone's rp without permission from those members.- This doesn't mean that if two people are rping you can't put your character on the same topic. This means you can't intentionally mess up two people's plot line. If some big thing is going down, it's really not cool to have your character fly in and change the whole situation. Just, ask first? That'd be great.

-that is all I ask-

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Leena (leena23) Dorm Rules for both Genders

Sunday-Thursday Curfew is 11PM
Friday and Saturday Curfew is 1AM

Absolutely NO sleeping in opposite gender's rooms.
RA meetings that are called are required. There can be repercussions for not attending.
No inappropriate touching while visiting others dorms.

DO not get physical with one another, if you have a problem go to your gender of RA and they will help you.

The RA's dorms are not for your enjoyment, thats the place they get to relax and be away from the students and their part time jobs. Please respect this, unless you have a problem or are specifically invited do not go over to their dorms to 'hang' out.

Respect each others space, keep your dorms CLEAN. There will be weekly checks on the cleanliness of the dorms, and there will be random nightly checks to make sure students are in their beds.

Thank you and have a nice semester,

Zach, Ariel, Keeley, Melissa, Rain, and Dan

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 458 comments Mod
Okay guys new rule, the guy girl ratio is starting to get a little unbalanced and it's never turns out great when it's a complete sausage-fest or the female equivalent (excuse my less than lady-like language)

However the new rule we're introducing is that every person who has more than two female characters needs to create a male character in order to level out the playing field. Be that if you have two students and a teacher or a teacher, a student and an RA we need some balance because this isn't an all girls school. Okay that's the update, love youuusss

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Maddison (Brainyboots) | 75 comments more than or 2??

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