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For those upset at the abrupt ending there will be a second book coming soon, that was my intent and I stupidly thought it would be obvious to all; my apologies. The book was my first try at publishing and though I understand some of the negativity spewed here I do believe I know how to tell a story and no I'm not trying to make a quick buck I'm trying to spread my wings and fly

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Michelle I thought it was a great book and think yourve got it all covered, there will always be critics, but yourve done enough to earn my vote of confidence, some people just dont get it, reading is a pleasure, just as writing is and we should celebrate both, so keep up the great work and hope to see the second part real soon, cheers

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Thank you

Abby I just finished it and really liked it. Granted there were parts of it that I didn't like but I think that's normal with any book.. You're not gonna like EVERYTHING... I'll definitely be reading the next one to see what happens.... Especially because I've been an avid fic reader for the last few years and I can't for the life of me remember this one lol

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Maria Conn-getz I loved the book! I loved the way th characters talked mad me laugh constantly. When i wasnt laughing i was blushing...great job 5 stars. Hope theres another book for these two

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Maria Conn-getz Don't let anyone put you down, again i loved it! Colts parents are freakin awesome.

Annemarie C I really like this book and can't not wait to read the finally chapter

Denice I thought it was a fabulous read. I am waiting patiently for the second book to come out. Colton Lyon is my kind of man.

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So they say I should interact a little more with the wonderful butterflies who were nice enough to buy and read my book or books as it were. I have to admit to being a little......tentative about stepping foot in here after the not so warm welcome I received on my first foray here; but since I've not let the negativity change me one way or the other I figured I'd give it a whirl. I just wanted to let all of you who have supported me whether by positive reviews or PMs telling me you enjoyed the books know that partially because of your kind words and positivity I have gone on to start a fund which I am using to give back to the members of the fandom who have supported me.( I'm not sure if you know or not but I write twilight Fanfiction). One of the first reviewers here and on amazon said I was trying to make a quick buck with my less than stellar writing (I adlib here) this action on my part is to show the human being that I am. I'm a giver not a taker always have been always will be. I started that fund last Tuesday and by Thursday morning my butterflies had donated enough money to mail 2 care packages to the deployed husband of one of our group members; now we're raising money to help 10 children with back to school supplies. This is not a ploy to get money from you my Papa will always provide, this is simply to show that your support has gone to good use. Thank you for reading and enjoying Colton Lyon and I hope you read the sequel Lyon's Angel and enjoy that as well, feel free to contact me any time (only positive butterflies please I watch CNN and the nightly news for my negative intake for the day) once again thank you. Jordan Silver

Shannon I just finished Lyons Angel and I absolutely loved it just like I loved the first book.

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Maria Conn-getz I just saw Lyons Angel came out already. i can't believe i missed it the day it was released

Annemarie C Great book hope she write more like that

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