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be careful here. it's full of zombies and bandits
(will add picture later)

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Jo (jobrooks) The Forest was cold and the area smelt like rot and guck. Covered in blood and guts Andy wiped her sword among the grass and bark. Ben covered himself with all the zombie parts he could gather. Slowly Andy stood. Her back aching mildly. She would kill for a hot chocolate or a hot dog. Though after the blood and guts that had gone down in the forest Andy didn't know if she could find herself ever eating again.
"Don't bother covering yourself. You have already been bitten. Your useless. Why don't you stay here? Feed the poor buggas?"
Andy swished the saliva in her mouth and tasted blood.
"Why are you pissed? It's not my fault Andy! These cannibals are hard to fight alone. With my hands!" Ben bit his lip in pain. He felt the blood in his face drain.
"Andy there are more coming. No time for this. We need to go."
Andy cussed to herself in anger, she was angry. Now Ben was leaving her, now Ben was going to heaven. Andy would be alone. She was pissed. Andy looked to the distance. So now what.
"We kill" Andy spat on the almost dyed red grass.
"Let me-"
"NO. You are not giving yourself to them." Andy was choked up.
She gripped Bens hands and ran.
It's all they could do.
Run until there was too many and... They had a little time.

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