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Diving Into iOS (iOS App Development for Non-Programmers, #1)
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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin McNeish | 3 comments This book isn't attributed to me (Kevin McNeish), probably because the paperback version includes my middle initial (Kevin J McNeish). This is the paperback version of the first book in my series--the Kindle and ibooks version are already attributed to me.

Kevin McNeish

Karma♥Bites ^.~ (karma_bites) | 947 comments FYI, I'll check on this.

message 3: by Karma♥Bites ^.~ (last edited Mar 16, 2013 08:15PM) (new)

Karma♥Bites ^.~ (karma_bites) | 947 comments OK, I'm back... Mr. McNeish,

All editions of "Diving Into iOS" are now combined and I added the missing cover. In addition, I made minor corrective changes to all 3 books (mainly to conform to GR policies) and created a new series for this set. Note that it may take some time before the new changes "appear" on GR.

Quick question: Are the below books meant to be one and the same?

"Microsoft.NET for Visual FoxPro Developers" @

"Net for Visual FoxPro Developers" @

In addition to the similarity in title, the ISBN for the second book/link is not found in either WorldCat or the Library of Congress's online catalog.
Just realised that the second book is noted as "ebook".

message 4: by Kevin (new)

Kevin McNeish | 3 comments There was never an ebook version of the book made available (it's an old book). The first link you listed goes to the proper link on Amazon and has the correct cover image. The second link you listed can be removed from the database.


message 5: by Emy (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5029 comments eBooks available here from the publisher.

May be in translation however. Will update the information and cover since this is a publisher site.

message 6: by Kevin (new)

Kevin McNeish | 3 comments OK, thanks!


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