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message 1: by Eric (new)

Eric Dulin (EricDulin) | 8 comments 'm going to be posting them either daily or bi-weekly depending on demand. If you're interested, here is the process:

PM me the following details in this list:

[Title of Book] by [Your Name/Author]
[Genre] for [Target Audience]
[Insert Synopsis]
What is special about your book?
Why did you write it?
You can purchase this book in [Ebook/Paperback] at:
[Link to purchase]

A cover isn't required, but would be preferred so people can actually see it.

Here is an example:

Condemned by Eric Dulin
Science Fiction for Young Adults
Imagine waking up covered in blood.
Without knowing where you are. Who you are.
Hunted by a team of the deadliest soldiers in the galaxy. This is the nightmare Arigus Vanes faces. Sheltered within the chassis of a powerful Guardian battlesuit, Arigus has no idea who he is or what happened when he wakes up at the site of gruesome murders. Government Enforcers storm in, and he flees for his life into Kingston, an enormous underground city on the industrial planet Korscia. Thrown into a world of thieves and murderers, he befriends a woman and her subservient android whom prove invaluable to helping him uncover his shrouded past while surviving the present. Together, they unearth secrets about Arigus and his assailants that had been hidden from the galaxy. The twisted truths connecting them together.
But some secrets are meant to be buried.

My book introduces a lot of unique science fiction concepts never seen before while at the same time keeping the pace and tone of an action flick.

I wrote this book because I love thinking about the possibilities technology has to offer and how these changes can alter society.

You can purchase this book at

Thanks! If you have any questions, just ask in the PM.

P.S - If you have any promotions going on at the time, include in the message. Im having a giveaway for Condemned, and it takes only seconds to do at:

message 2: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas Wilson | 20 comments Eric wrote: "'m going to be posting them either daily or bi-weekly depending on demand. If you're interested, here is the process:

PM me the following details in this list:

[Title of Book] by [Your Name/Autho..."

Eric: I'm going to PM you. I have a book coming out late April, and would love to do an interview. I don't have product links, as yet, but I'll get the material to you as soon as I can. Do you have space to post it in mid April through early June? Anywhere in there would be useful for promotion.


message 3: by Marc (new)

Marc Sima (MarcSima) | 3 comments Hi Eric,

An interview would be great. I have done a few with US radios and podscasts this year to introduce TEXAS LIGHTS.
Inception Radio Network, KGRA, Kate Valentine, or podcast such as and

Here below is the link to one of them but you can find more if you google my name.

TEXAS LIGHTS is a fast pace novel which brings to the mainstream contemporary fiction genre an occurrence, real or misunderstood, often ridiculed, but nevertheless life changing for the tens of thousands worldwide who claim to have experienced it.

TEXAS LIGHTS SUMMARY: (Kindly skip the third paragraph if you do not want to reveal to much of the plot)

When the Prime Minister of Canada departs from Ottawa to the Western White House; on January 8, 2008, spectacular lights are seen by many in the nearby city of Stephenville, TX. Minutes before takeoff, the US Secret Service request that the trip be cancelled. The only explanation the Canadians will get is that “there has been a serious security breach at the ranch.” A fuming Premier requests that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service send his best agent, Paul Medoc, to investigate if indeed a massive UFO was heading that day toward the US President.

Paul Medoc - a Mideast specialist with the uncanny capacity to use hypnosis in his work - is a very busy CSIS Head of Operations, battling at home and abroad the enemies of Canada. On a more personal level, Paul wrestles everyday with the complex moral implications of deception in general and the War on Terror in particular. In any case he has little time for Ufology, and does not expect that six days later his life would have been changed forever.

(Kindly skip the next paragraph if you do not want to reveal to much of the plot)

Medoc soon discovers that the Stephenville “lights” are still coming for some residents. Paul decides that in order to understand the phenomenon fully, he should try to get abducted by it. Meanwhile all the way to San Francisco, the assistant of a deceased Berkeley professor may have a significant clue he needs. When Homeland Security scrambles to hunt down the intruder, Paul Medoc and his unexpected and attractive team mate, the local journalist Aline Su, decide to pursue across the American continent their perilous quest for truth and … unforeseen love.

The Stephenville Lights were, at the time, probably the most talked about UFO event since the 1997 mass sighting in Phoenix, AZ. Witnesses reported that an immense ship the size of a flying Wal-Mart, was seen heading toward the Presidential ranch some 70 miles away. Few minutes later, the UFO was seen again being chased by several F16. 2.5 million radar hits, obtained from the FAA, will corroborated all the witnesses account. We know now that an AWAC plane was also flying nearby during four hours and that a 8 PM the large unknown object was only 10 miles from the President's ranch...

Eric, kindly let me know if you need anything more.

Cheers - Marc

Texas Lights

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