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message 1: by Charlie (new)

Charlie Bray (charlie-bray) | 28 comments Bruised and bloodied by my futile attempts to find a publisher, and encouraged by the new innovation, ePublishing, I set to and wrote my first novel.

I finished it, was enormously proud of it, uploaded it to Amazon, and there it sat…and sat…and sat.

My bubble had burst. I felt as bruised and bloodied as when I was constantly being rejected by publishers. This time I was being rejected by readers!

But was I? Not really. The problem was, they didn’t even know about my book.

It had landed on a slush pile of self-published eBooks on the floor of the Amazon kindle site. Just as my manuscripts had landed on a slush pile of similar artefacts on the floors of several publishing houses.

Read on to find out what I did about it

message 2: by Jeni (new)

Jeni (CyberStalked) | 2 comments Tried your link but got "not found on this server"?

message 3: by Charlie (new)

Charlie Bray (charlie-bray) | 28 comments Yeah sorry Jeni,

I moved from my free Wordpress blog to my own website and many of the historic links have now disappeared forever.
If you visit you'll see what I'm all about, which is essentially supporting Indie authors.

Thanks for your patience, Charlie

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