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Question for all those who disliked The Host: Would you still not have liked it if Stephenie Meyer hadn't written Twilight first?

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message 1: by Charlotte (last edited Mar 16, 2013 07:10AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Charlotte So basically, to elaborate, my curious question is this: All you Host-haters, if it was Meyer's debut novel (aka, if she hadn't written the plethora of horror that is Twilight, the book that all bad books are compared to, first), would you still feel the same way about The Host?

I'll share my story: When I read The Host, having hated Twilight, I tried to push away all former feelings I had toward Twilight, and it worked: I didn't dislike The Host any more than I would have if Twilight had never existed. I admit, Wanderer was a bit more annoying with Bella to compare her to, but otherwise I didn't feel any one particular way toward the book. I imagine that if I had kept comparing it to Twilight as the author's previous novel, I would probably have hated it.

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The Host was entertaining and I'm glad to have read it, but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece.

Personally, I disliked Wanderer, Jared, and Ian. They are just character types that I do not find appealing (and often consider annoying or even contemptible). Wanda was very similar to Bella, except in her case, her excessively self-sacrificing and somewhat weak personality was justified via her race (alien, that is). Jared was an unsympathetic Ian was decent but not worth the fangirl attention in the slightest. A number of characters could easily be matched up to similar Twilight counterparts.
...Usually, it is difficult for me to enjoy a story with even a little distaste for the protagonists, but I suppose this was one of the exceptions.

I feel as if the author could have done much more in terms of background, plot, and character development. What she produced was good but it failed to reach its maximum potential.

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An excellent question. To be honest it's been a while since I read the Host, and to answer truthfully I'd have to reread. But you definitely bring up a good question!

Celise I think this questions may actually be better answered once the movie is released. When I read The Host, I was extremely excited about it. I loved the Twilight books at the time but I realized that The Host was definitely a bar or three above it. Now that the Twilight films have ruined the series for me, and pointed out the book's flaws as well, I'm not so partial to the novels. However, I still find The Host fascinating.

What I'm saying is, Twilight was ruined by the movie for so many people that The Host can only be judged fairly against it once fans give their verdict on the film, and if the film points out all of the things that didn't work in the book. Personally, I think I might not respect the book nearly as much because it looks like they are gearing the movie towards teens, unlike the novel. Twilight was also ruined by the hype, some of which touched the way people feel about starting The Host, which is what I think you were commenting on.

Venus My opinion of the Host might have changed a bit had Twilight (and its sequels) never existed, but not by much. I, personally, find the book boring, at best. It may be written better than Twilight, but the only true difference it would make would be my opinionof the author. Instead of terrible, I would put her at mediocre. I might also appreciate the characters a bit more just because I wouldn't see the obvious counterparts and reuse of character personalities.

Overall, though, I would still dislike The Host but I would have a more neutral opinion on Stephenie Meyer instead of categorizing her, in my mind, as a literary pariah.

message 6: by Jen (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jen I actually hated the Host at first. The beginning was so muddled & boring, that I just kind of put it down. Then I picked it back up, bored one day & once I'd made it through the beginning, I started to get into it. By the end, I loved the story. Can't wait to see what they've turned the book into.

Perenelle Well, I dont HATE the host,
I've read twilight before, and twilight hasn't really affected my thoughts on the host. Well, maybe the writing style, but if you read my review
You'll see...
And yes, I'm not great at reasoning.

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