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Ruby and Liam?!?!?
Courtney Courtney Mar 16, 2013 01:02AM
Was anyone disappointed with the way Ruby let Liam go? Or with the use of her powers on him? I thought it was completely unfair to Liam? Your thoughts......

This broke my heart because they were so adorable, but she was protecting him

I thought it was a great ending to the book. I respect Ruby for what she did because, I mean, what else could she do? They were trapped. It was unfair, but she did what she did. I mean if she kept him there with her would be selfish. I respect her for being selfless.

It gave me the same feeling I got when I read the hunger games with Peeta and Katniss ( I won't say anymore than that so that I don't spoil it for anyone). But, I have hope that the title of the next book, Neverfade, somehow is in reference to Liam's memories of Ruby never really fading away.

I was so angry and sad. I cried and had a book hangover for about a week after reading this.

I'm dying of waiting for the moment where Ruby and Liam will meet again.

I'm with Tyler on this one. I'm sure Ruby thought it was the best thing to do at the time, but I didn't like it & I think she was wrong (Ruby, not Alex). I only hope it doesn't take another book & a half to get them back together...

She did the only thing she could to keep him safe. And without that ending there wouldn't be any heartache either ;)

I cried so much I get that she was trying to protect Liam but that was so unfair it was his memory's she didn't have a right to take them away. I'm hoping that somehow Liam gets his memory's back **crossing my fingers**

Ruby is an idiot because Alexandra wrote her that way. The whole "I'm a monster" bit got old. Either poop or get of the toilet. I hope they don't end up together because Liam deserves better. So help me if she spends book two whining I'm going to be pissed.

deleted member Apr 04, 2013 10:26PM   0 votes
i think my heart died when she let him go, but i wasn't dissappointed that she did it. she did it for his sake, and i respect her for that. that doesn't mean i enjoyed reading it though

I felt like we were given insight into Liam remembering Ruby in the future. When the author tells how Ruby just had to call her mother just to hear her voice and finds out that her parents didn't forget her but that she had been replaced by another Ruby. Ruby alters the memories of Chub but not Lu from Liam's mind. The possibilities are there. I can't wait to see.

I agree that it wasn't fair that she didn't give him a choice and erased her from his mind, but she did do it to save him. So credit for that because I think that if Liam did have that choice--on whether or not to stay--he most likely would have chosen to stay with Ruby and be once again apart of The League--which he hated.

I was an emotional wreck after reading Darkest minds. The sacrifice she makes is.... AHHHH :'(
but still book 2: Never fade come at me!

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well i'm kinda both ways with this in a way i hate that she did it. But in another way i respect why she did it. So yeah it goes both ways with me.

I honestly think Ruby did the only thing she could think of doing to keep him safe. Liam despised The League and really - The League finding them was Ruby's doing. So yes it was completely unfair that she didnt give him a choice - but I can definitely see her reasoning behind it. The only way to make sure he was free from control was to make him forget. She let him go.

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