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Dragon Spire: Episode 1; Serpent’s Tower

This took a long time to cook up, but I'm proud of it. (Note: the section about the factions was something I copied and pasted from the dragon guide in my book. Sorry, forgive me, but I couldn't re-type all of that!)

Backstory Italia is a pleasant country ruled by three empires: humans, crotonians and space dragons. The Crotonians are the enemies of dragons but they have been slowly learning to get along. The dragons themselves own most of Italy and other nations across the world. The humans live alongside these anomalies and interact with them daily. An unknown event caused Ashuton Karrucci, the child-Prince of dragons, to initiate a war that changed most of the Earth. Several years after the war, the dragons changed the landscape of Italy and other countries. Tall towers were constructed, cities were built over human cities (literally “over” them. Look up and you’ll see it) and glowing pillars dot the landscape. Crotonians, humans and smaller factions are not in the spotlight anymore. Rome has become the capital city of this strange new world and at its center is the Fourteenth Tower, known to everyone as the Dragon Spire. Inside the tower is a large society of people living a peaceful lie. They are told that life is better inside the tower, contrary to popular belief.

When the tower was first built, it was the perfect utopia for humans, dragons, Crotonians and other anomalies. It was a utopia designed by The Prince (Ashuton Karrucci). He anointed several people he trusted to rule with him and help manage the tower’s stability. One of these people was a man named O’Shelly. For several years, life inside the spire was good. The Prince was oblivious to the schemes O’Shelly and the Senators were cooking behind his back. When the Prince was found brutally raped and murdered, life inside the spire went to hell. A once –free society is now controlled by the Senators and O’Shelly, whom calls himself The President. Anyone that speaks of leaving the spire is silenced. The society is brainwashed into believing the spire has become better than what it used to be. The reason for all of the mayhem is simple: O’Shelly and the Senators are keeping everyone prisoner. The dragons and Crotonians especially because they produce special substances called “Juice.” The Juice is very popular in the outside world and it’s underground cities. O’Shelly and the Senators trade the Juice for money.
Four years after the Prince’s death, the Spire is still a wreck. The outside world is starting to feel it’s effects.

Synopsis: In Italia, the scenery has changed drastically. The inhabitants of Dragon Spire are oblivious to the lies they are living, all except you and your friends. You create a daft plan to escape the spire and call for help. The President knows your plan and he is throwing everything he has at you. Will you allow him to capture you? The President and his Senators are the least of your worries: the Prince has returned and he is not happy about the current state of his home. He is feeling very homicidal…and you’re stuck with him.
So it’s you, your friends and the Prince against the President, whom controls the Spire, and his Senators.

Locations: below is a list of locations in the story.

The Victorian Graces: a gated town that surrounds the tower, Victoria Graces is a city completely dependent on steam. Although Victorian in style, you can still see the Old Italian buildings that tell of Rome’s past. People come to Victorian Graces to buy Juice, a substance that dragons (and most recently Crotonians) produce.

Desperation City is an underground party city that combines Victorian style with neon lights and intense partying. Despiration is directly under the Dragon Spire and the President has deemed the city off limits. People that leave the tower are often banished to Despiration City. It’s inhabitants are merciless and prefer to party all night and engage in activities that are dangerous. Dragons that live here suffer from Taint, a mental condition that makes them think bad things. They paint themselves with neon paint. Dragon shifters sometimes engage in activities with their human counterparts.

Remembrance Land is a place known to many as Dragon Mountain. An old legend states that a Dragonboy that was sick of feeling the pain of his dragons had climbed the mountain to the top and sang to the hivemind of the world. The mountain is home to hundreds of dragons from varying genuses.

Dragon Spire: this is the fourteenth spire in Italia. Built by the Prince and his dragons, the tower has various sectors for housing large groups of people. Section 0 is Desperation City. Section 1, the first floor of the spire, has the appearance of a traditional Victorian city but technology is abound. Much like the city of Crota, Sector 1 depends on technology to operate. Panels on the ceiling imitate a false sky. Sector 2 is a more modern city called Lilabos. The structures of Lilabos and its inhabitants mirror America. The people of Lilabos usually disagree with the people of Sector 1. At the very top of the tower is the President’s room. From here he can gaze at the landscape of Rome. Abve the president’s bed is the first painting of the Prince. An exact duplicate of the painting exists in the boardroom. Under the President’s room is the Boardroom where the Senators meet. The room has a red theme to it and the painting of the Prince hangs high above the fireplace. Under that is the control room where the Captain and his AI, Martha Recalcitrant, live.


*Theme for this episode: Harmonics Eolia by Akiko Shikata: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9rKe9...

Why it was chosen: I picked Harmonics Eolia because of the way it begins: the singer voice and the crescendo of the instruments seems to signify the start of something epic. Note: there’s a longer version of this song titled Utau Oka.

Main theme for the whole series (including all episodes): Ikeru Oujo no Shouzouga by ALI PROJECT. Song can be listened to at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ-wqz...

Why it was chosen: I chose this song because it blends two genres together. This story blends Science Fiction, Stemapunk, Fantasy, Political thriller and Paranormal together, just like how the song blends two genres.

Here's the second reason why it was chosen: life inside the spire is nothing but lies. The Sacred Dragonboy Prince, whose painting hangs in the Boardroom and in the President's room, is a symbol of what once was. The Prince made the spire and it became corrupted by the Presidents and their Senators (co-rulers). The song's classical parts (0:00-1:50 and 4:27 until the end of the song) reflect the purity of the Prince while the non-classical part represents corruption and how it spread throughout the tower, trapping its citizens in a lie. Parts 2:56 and 3:54 of the song represent how the senators corrupted the Prince (stole his innocence), killed him and covered it up. His painting seems to haunt them. The dragons know their crime but without the Prince they are powerless to stop him. Ashuton Karrucci (the Prince) is long gone but his brothers remain. They, too, have been corrupted by the senators.

You can suggest songs you feel are fit for the story's soundtrack. Be sure to include notes on why you chose it and which scenes it fits.

How This Works: I will assign chapter prompts to anyone that signs up. Or...after you pick your faction (there's four of them) I'll post chapter prompts and people can sign up for which chapters they want to take. I'll then edit the prompts according to what goes on in the story.

You can contribute poem-songs to this project!: user submitted poem-songs about the lore of this universe will be included in Lordva, a compilation post dedicated to the legends and history of the universe in this story.

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Main Factions/Empires

Space Dragon empire, Draconizica: an ancient empire born during the first years of the universe, they have grown into an intelligent race, being able to construct cities, ships, weapons and methods of transportation. They have many species, including bipedal dragons that are able to stand upright. They take interest in science and experimentation and have countless planets under their control. They are docile, calm, and nice; unlike their rivals, the Crotonians. To recuperate from the war with the Crotonians, A small squadron of their empire sought Earth during it’s Pre-Cambrian era and settled down (despite the extreme heat and tectonic activity). Since then, they have been a regular part of Earth society, but have refrained from using their advanced technology until the war began. The Earth dragons still keep in touch with the main empire. They have eight main languages, but the most studied by humans is: Raisyûn, Drakener, Ususos, and the CVL (Computer Variables, also called Numbers Language, which is used only for dragon-made computers). They prefer to keep a race alive once they claim it and occasionally mix their race with the ones they’ve taken. The name of their Earth empire was Antonin.

More: There are different classes of dragons (the class named Drachen, some believe it is Reptilia), which contain families. In the class are the orders of the dragons. Order 1, 2 and 3: six limber,, wyvern and wyrm. Inside the orders are the family classifications. Example families for wyvern include Gracefulwing (and its sub-species Guardianwing), Silverwing and the Horned Wyvern to name a few, and those have different genus. Supreme Gracefulwing (shown at the end of this segment), Intus Gracefulwing, six-limb Gracefulwing, silver Gracefulwing, etc. For the Horned Wyvern, the genuses contained are the Red Horned, blue horned, ice horned, etc. many believe dragons should have their own kingdom but alas they are categorized in the kingdom Animalia (animal).

Crotonians: they were created sometime after the Dragons. They are an advanced alien empire of insectoids with many breeds. They are cruel and merciless, but to each other they are caring and loving. The Higher-Up Crotonians are controlled by a single brain insect that serves as Queen of the empire. When a new Queen is needed, she must pass a treacherous mind-game. Their homeworld is full of dome hives and spire towers, which serve as homes. The Queen’s Hive, also called the Queen’s Tower, is the largest spire on the planet and is crawling with guards, male drones and automatic hover-turrets. The dragon empire visited their homeworld and attempted to rule their race in peace, but the Crotonians fought back. When the dragon shipmaster Relnar Kyine visited the Crotonian queen to speak negotiations, they both ended up killed and a war had ensued. When the Crotonians found Earth sometime after the Dragons got to it, they created their own Earth Empire and gave it the name Lucerano.

Crotonian types: Crotonians—bug-like aliens thought to be enemies of dragons—have a long history. Let’s start with the basics: there are various sub-species of Crotonians. The most common are the Polistes Crotonians. They bear a resemblance to wasps and are very large.

The second most common Crotonians are the Vespula. They are very similar to Dragons (minus the wings). They have scales, talons, tails and long necks like dragons, however the Queens have scented fur atop their heads and neck. Their horns are strikingly similar to the horns on a ram. Were it not for their draconic features, Vespulan Crotonians would be mistaken for Rams at first glance. The ovipositor is hidden in a protective casing, similar to how a dragon hides it’s genitals.

The third most common is the Philanthus Crotonians. The females prefer underground nesting or caves. A single male can often claim ownership of a group of females, but with most Crotonian relationships, it is the females that have the first and last say. Philanthus Crotonians are multi-legged and are a cross between the Polistes and Vespula.

Humans: everyone knows about them.

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Factions (continued and reposted from TSODR):

Cicada Gods: Very little is known about them. They have no current-generation shifter descendants and are loved by the Dragons. Their Third Dynasty tagline is “Cicala di Italia,” and they come out every Undysummer to mate. There has been only one ruler throughout the history of the Cicadas. They tend to keep to themselves and not bout over power. The only Cicada leader was Julius Xanthar, the ONLY cicada with a human shifter form. He led a small army to a forest island to claim it for his cicadas sometime in the early years of Earth. Since then they have expanded and increased in numbers, but are once again decreasing due to deforestation of their habitats.

Alma Maters: the age-old society of Alma Maters disappeared long ago. They were humanoid beings that come in many ethnicities and nationalities. They are often called “The First Humans” and some speculate they created the dragons, although that’s not true. They were the first to initiate the Unity of Three in hopes of quelling the fighting between the Dragons and the Crotonians. Alma Maters were curious godlike beings, and they tried to “tame” Draconizican Dragons, thinking they were wild and feral and non-intelligent. Most believe this lead to their downfall. Alma Maters made sure they left their mark by placing spires and other constructs on various planets. These constructs also serve as communication towers so any surviving Almas would be able to contact the Goddess for help.

Tyto Albians (Owl Shifters): It’s not clear when they were created, but they were in alliance with Antonin. The descendants of the Tytos carry the bloodline of the Owl Gods, and sometimes they can be cruel and unforgiving. There are many Tyto-shifters running the political scene for the good fight, like Firucana Badocelli and the Duke of Bracknell. The lands under their rule include some parts of France, Berlin, some parts of Africa and half of India. They can shift to human and owl at will, like the other aforementioned races. “Carpe Diem Tyto” is their tagline.

(Oooh, lookie a Tyto owl: http://dragonshortstories.files.wordp... )

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Because this community story/role-play uses characters from my book, I decided to paste their character profiles here. A lot of these characters will make minor appearances (or major appearances depending on how you encounter them).

Ashuton Karrucci (The Prince): the fourthborn of the Seventeen Princes, he is the famed Dragon prince that constructed Dragon Spire. Some people call him The Vessel because of his ability: birthing dragons (only possible while he is in his dragon form and occurs during certain cycles). He prefers to live in simplicity and has an extreme fascination with Cicadas. His early years within the Antonin Palace were very rough, he was constantly being tortured by servants (most notably an owl-shiter named Ida). His other forms include his child and teenage self (since the construction of the Spire began, he used his child form all the time), and he stopped aging after age twenty-seven. Character song: Papillon Rinne and Saigo no Koi by ALI PROJECT

Narcissus: the main love interest of Ashuton Karrucci, she is the only person that knows of his early life. He saved her from being sold into a slave trade for a crime she did not commit. Ashuton considers her to be his lost half because they share many of the same interests (for example: cicadas and simplistic living). Many dragons have started to recognize her as the long lost goddess of Draconizica, though she fails to see it. Theme song: Arabesque Romanesque and Platonic by ALI PROJECT.

Thomas Karrucci: the brother of Ashuton amd the second of the seventeen dragon princes, Thomas is constantly seen with a young woman and has not found his Other (dragon term for "mate." Other is more singular because the couple "becomes one," in a sense). His father has given up hope in training Thomas to be conservative and sees him as unfit to become Emperor of Draconizica. Sometime in the fourteenth century, he had fallen in love with a young Somalian girl that was considered a witch and was burned at the stake by the townsfolk. Since then he hasn’t settled down with a permanent Other. His position in Dragon Spire is the President's royal guard. He does not know which dragon god title he has.

Charlie Karrucci: the next eligible Empero and first prince, Charlie takes care in manneism. Him, along with Thomas and Rico, were the only two brothers that knew of the torture Ashuton had been put through in the olden days. He was the first born and his blonde hair caused quite a fuss at his birth. His position in Dragon Spire is the coordinator of events in Sector 1. He is also an informant. He is the Dragon God of Self-Love and Appreciation.

Rico Karrucci: the comedian of the Brothers, Rico is outgoing and loud. His mannerism is average, mostly obnoxious, and he has an extreme fascination with Cheesecake. His red hair is to signify himself as the Dragon God of the Blood and Lineage, which is the most feared title in the Draconizica bloodline. Rico can be proper when he wants to be and has participated in many battles. His position in Dragon Spire is royal guard to one of the senators.

Armando Karrucci: he is the only one of the brothers to own the popular fashion company “La Repubblicca Draconizica.” He is spontaneous, lighthearted and cares deeply for his fashion. His dark side usually shows when competing in fashion competitions in the Victorian Graces. A long while ago he had to unwillingly resort to giving away one of his sisters to save his company. His title is the Dragon God of Covers and Image (covers is a dragon term for clothing) and he takes his title seriously, using it a lot in dramatic speeches before fashion shows. His position in Dragon Spire is clothing designer.

Samuel Karrucci: the young blood of the family, Samuel is an ice dragon (which can easily be seen in his silver hair). He currently has no love interest. His fangirls call his calm voice the “angel’s song.” He is the Dragon God of Winter and Songs. His position in Dragon Spire is singer.

Chamyou Karrucci: a few years older the Samuel (the youngest brother in the family and his opposite), Chamyou is the Dragon God of Summer and Lore and is Samuel’s exact opposite. He can easily connect to the mainframe of Dragon Spire, which makes him a high priority target to the Crotonians. He is fully fluent in all eight dragon languages and uses only Drakener and Italian as a primary language. He is sometimes silent and reserved but takes part in conversations that he finds interesting. He has an extreme obsession with Sugar Cookies. His position in Dragon Spire is singer.

Julia Karrucci: she is the weakest of the Karrucci siblings. Since birth she has suffered from a myriad of illnesses, including the Sweating Sickness, which she still has. Ashuton and Thomas are the most protective over her and they are always finding ways to make her happy. Despite everything that she goes through, she remains happy and peaceful. Recently she has been slowly recovering from her illnesses. She fell in love with Asmolden Modii, a twenty-year-old from the rival empire Lucerano. Nobody except Narcissus knows of their relations. Ironically, she is the Dragon Goddess of health and well-being. She has no role in Dragon Spire. She dwells in the abandoned Sector 6 and helps people escape.

Nikki Karrucci: Nicholenne (Nico-lean) is the youngest of the sisters. Not much is known about Nikki. She is rarely seen inside Dragon Spire and her title is unknown.

Rochelle Karrucci: she is called the Pasta Freak of the family. She spends most of her time making new pasta recipes with her husband, Jiminy, and her dragonling, Pinocchio. She is always looking for new foods to cook and wishes to travel the world in search of new foods. She is the Dragon Goddess of Plentiful Eating and Consumption. Her role in Dragon Spire is lead cook/chef.

Massimo Karrucci: the tortured younger brother with a dark past, Massimo’s role in Draconizica (and inside Dragon Spire) is being a Guardian/father to the Dragonsyngers. Much like Echleon (the guardian before him) he tends to be a loner and sees the darker side of life. He stopped aging at 16 and when he is not teaching the people of Dragon Spire how to sing, he locks himself in his room and plays his guitar. Character song: Unhesitant by Rekka Katakiri.

Selvatico the First Archellis Karrucci: the strange chain-dragon, Ronaldo, does not have a proper soul, so he takes on Ashuton’s form because of this. He has a strange passion for roses and wears one as an eyepatch. His father unwillingly locked him away in an isolated Tir’well-owned prison tower in Ireland. He has not visited Dragon Spire...yet. (Nicknames: Daff (for Daffodil) or Giu (for Giunchiglia, which also means Daffodil)

Chance Karrucci: the youngest and most demented/tainted brother, Chance spends his time whorring around inside Dragon Spire. He often visits Desperation City (he owns his own party house down there). In his past, he wandered into a city full of Crotonian shifters where he was abused mercilessly. He met five other boys and together they were known to the nobles as the Sweet Dragons. Character song: Ikeru Oujo Shouzouga by Ali Project and Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky.

And YOU! Don't forget you are a big part of life inside the Dragon Spire. Don't you think about leaving us ;)

Because O'Shelly won't let you.

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Character Roles: After joining a faction, you can pick two sides: the good side (be one of the civilians that live in Dragon Spire) or the bad side: the Senators. Sign up with the faction you are joining and whose side you are on. Note: there are currently seven senators, but in the future I might increase the limit for those that really want the role. If you can, try to make your characters 3-dimensional by giving them lots of development (possibly through interaction with other characters or by explaining their past or showing their morality).

NPCs (Non-playable characters):
These characters cannot be played:
Ashuton Karruccci
Charlie...and any other Karrucci dragon.

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I will begin writing the prologue soon.
This is how I feel right now:

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#1: Create character by commenting in the sign up form. Choose faction and race/species.

#2: after people sign up and prologue and first chapter are posted, chapter prompts will be released, one chapter at a time. This will keep the story "grounded."

#3: pick your powers/traits before writing. This is wholly optional. You can make your own power but be sure its nothing too powerful and that it doesn't have a huge impact on the story's plot line (I *might* have to approve of the power you create). Again, that is optional.

#4: have fun, take down O'Shelly!

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Instead of chapter prompts, I'm thinking of posting scene prompts instead. I write the first scene of a chapter, and the members write the following scenes. I don't know yet.

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Wow, this is a lot to read over...
Although, that is a good thing. Means more material to play with!
Anyway, I will have to spend a good couple of hours to get me all ready for this. Will accomplish this soon! Give ma a couple of days.

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Cole wrote: "Wow, this is a lot to read over..."

Sorry about that! My aim was to not give too much info but give enough so everyone could understand the story.

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Hey, no problem! It is good. Read my post again, I edited it. Thanks for all your hard work!

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Cole wrote: "Hey, no problem! It is good. Read my post again, I edited it. Thanks for all your hard work!"

Thank you~! If you really want to know more about the Karrucci dragons and the origins of the Seed Towers, the Juice Trade and O'Shelly, I will without hesitation email Dragons and Cicadas to you.

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Yes please!!!

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Cole wrote: "Yes please!!!"

Wooh! I probably won't be able to do it until tomorrow. I have to put finishing touches on Update 11 (or 10...I think).

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