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Who else imagines Byron kind of hot for some reason?

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I know they describe him as gross and weird, but the moment Wisty starts to feel a little more freindly toward him he instantly got more attractive in my mind.

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Bubble19 Your not alone there.

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Princess OMG that is sooo true!!

Emily Krouk I imagined him as one of the hottest characters ever... its really weird since Whit and Wisty both hate him

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Me too!!!

Mélanie I think he is "gross and weird" because they don't like him. Final. When you think of it, none of these two qualifies body... more attitude.

It's kind of when you find a guy hot and then he opens his mouth and you realize is full of s&%*, self-sufficiant, etc. He immediately is less attractive. And then there is this "i-do-not-pay-attention-to-you" type of guy and the more you get to know him, the more you talk and get close the cuter he is. lol For me, the last one it's Byron. And moreover, Byron is still in his teens. Twenties are good with guys! ;-)

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