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message 1: by Charles (new)

Charles Vella | 7 comments The links to Amazon work for my Kindle edition books but none of the other links work. I have an ISBN and distribute through Smashwords. I can find my books on the Barnes and Noble website for example, but the Barnes and Noble link from Goodreads doesn't work. Is this an issue with distributing through Smashwords?

message 2: by rivka (new)

rivka | 562 comments The Barnes & Noble edition may have its own identifier (a BNID), rather than using the same ISBN as Smashwords. If so, a third edition of your book must be added, with the BNID (starts with 294) in the ISBN13 spot.

Also keep in mind that each user customizes which bookseller links they see.

message 3: by Charles (new)

Charles Vella | 7 comments I tried to add a third edition of the book with the BNID but it wouldn't allow me to do it. Somehow my other book links to the Barnes and Noble site with the ISBN. Is this a question I should e-mail them about? I've been fooling around with it for a while with no luck.

Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) You're on more than one threads, did one of the others fix for you, yet?

message 5: by Charles (new)

Charles Vella | 7 comments I know. I'm new and haven't been sure where to go, although I've been very impressed with how helpful people are. It's almost entirely fixed. The only lingering issue is that when you pull up the book page and the nook edition has a small cover as one of the 'other editions', the book cover doesn't show up. If you click on it it does, so it isn't that big a deal. I've made a lot of progress so I'll try to figure it out later. Thanks very much.

message 6: by rivka (new)

rivka | 562 comments That's a caching issue, and will resolve on its own in a couple days.

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