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Cool, what do you wanna make it about?

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I gtg sleep sorry.

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Sorry about that.

Any type.

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(( how about some supernatural drama))

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Okay I'll make the story or you.

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Okay well your character has been pushes and bullied most of her life , one day it was so much that she grew a tousle personality to protect her , but that double personality is causing her even more trouble.

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Yep , and the other side is a guy.

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Yep , I'll ba causing your Charrie trouble.

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So you wanna do it?

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Okay , let's make Charries.

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(( sorry my dad started to bitch))

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(( sorry ))

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Name : Matt Shadow. (( real name))
Age: same as the girls.
Looks :

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Make a character , it's a girl of course but the rest is yours.

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Okay good.

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Okay you start.

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" Hey what's up". Matt asked her.

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" Hey "!!!!! He yelled.

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" I'm bored up , here". He told her.

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" Let's do something common , go to the mall Atleast". He begged her.

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" It's Matt ". Hs told her. " I've been here for a while".

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He signed." Just , just keep walking". He told her.

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" What "? He asked her.

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" Just keep going".

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Matt sighed . " Can't you figure it out already". He said and disappeared.

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Matt sighed and disappeared.

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Matt stayed in her head.

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Matt stayed quite.

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There was a hotel in front if her.

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A man opened the door.

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Another man smiled at her. " So are you going to be staying"? He asked her.

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He nodded and gave her a room key.

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Gtg sleep,

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