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message 1: by Bob (new)

Bob Frank | 12 comments My friends of Nepal.
About 1/3 of Book 2 of the Third Eye Trilogy (The Eye's Revelation) is based in Nepal (Kathmandu and Lumbini). Some of that time is present day and some was 500 years ago in a fictional battle with the Mughuls. Some of the important, more "colorful" characters are Nepalese.

1. Amazon is running a 2 day promotion for a free ebook copy of my 2nd book, The Eye's Revelation. Please take the opportunity to get a copy over the next 2 days. Here is a link to get a free copy from Amazon:

Amazon services the US and India from this ebook store, so I assume you can get there from Nepal, also.

2. I can ask Amazon to have a few free days for book 1 for you if you do not have a copy of that book. Some of the characters from Nepal are introduced in book 1 even though they only spend a short time in Kathmandu airport and in Kodari (they crossed from Tibet).

3. My wife and I are coming to Nepal April 21-29 for a visit and would love to meet any of you while we are there.

Bob (Lynn Boston pen-name)

The Eye's Revelation

message 2: by Bijay (new)

Bijay Rai (bijayrai) | 4 comments It'd be nice of you to ask Amazon to offer your book 1 free so that we can pick up. I'd love to read it before the 2nd book. Btw, I've already downloaded the book 2 to my Kindle Paperwhite.

message 3: by Bob (new)

Bob Frank | 12 comments Bijay,
Yes, it will be very helpful to read book 1 first to get more background. I can schedule a few more free days with Amazon between now and the end of the month.

How about Monday and Tuesday next week for a free give-away on Book 1, US time?

The time may actually start mid-day Monday until mid-day Wednesday in Nepal. FYI, about half of the second book is in Delhi for those of you all who have been there. Book 2 has some exciting scenes in the streets of Kathmandu, so you will all have to tell me how accurate they are. :-)

In book 1, I spent more time in the first part detailing past life regression sessions. The psychologists and therapists who do this professionally have told me how accurate much of that is. But in the second book I shortened the regressions to "keep the action" moving.


message 4: by Bob (new)

Bob Frank | 12 comments Bijay and Nepal Goodreads Readers,

Following is the link to get your free ebook copy of Book 1 of the Third Eye Trilogy, Through the Third Eye. The free promotion runs on Amazon US/India on-line store all day Monday/Tuesday March 18-19(California US Time).

Please enjoy and give me feedback.
I hope to meet some of you when I am in Nepal in late April.


message 5: by Bijay (new)

Bijay Rai (bijayrai) | 4 comments Thanks Bob for the link to Book 1. And, wish you in advance for your trip to Nepal in April.

message 6: by Bob (new)

Bob Frank | 12 comments Hi Bijay and Nepal GoodReads friends.

I am on the way to Kathmandu today with my wife, Sunday April 21st. I will be around Kathmandu for 3-4 days, then Chitwan and Pokhara for 4 days then back to Kathmandu for a few days. If some of you would like to meet for a coffee or tea, I would enjoy that.

I brought several paperback copies of Through the Third Eye to give to you if you would like a copy (although most people seem to like ebooks, now).

Perhaps we could meet at a coffee or tea shop on Monday evening in Kathmandu or perhaps after we come back from the West.

The second book, The Eye's Revelation, has 2 car chase scenes in Kathmandu so I have to ride the routes to see how accurate I was on the description. There is also a Buddhist monastery that has a secret cave underneath (sssshhhhh). I have to see that one, too.

Please - anyone tell me if you would like to meet while I am there.
You can send a note to my personal email:
bobfrank att net

Bob (Lynn Boston pen name)

message 7: by Rajesh (new)

Rajesh Chaudhary (btrajesh) | 4 comments Hello Lynn,
Welcome to Nepal!
I hope you had a nice flight to Nepal. I would be happy to meet you today during evening. Please kindly let me know your available time and place so that I can come there to see you.

I am in Bhaktapur now and I got a bike. So, it is not a problem for me to go around.

Hope to see you soon. I am going to send you my contact no. in your message box.

Thanks in advance.

message 8: by BBK (new)

BBK (bbkbhl) | 59 comments Mod
Hello Bob,
Hope you are now in Kathmandu and it's going good despite the rain and road condition.
It would be my pleasure to meet you if I could manage this evening.
Thanks for wonderful books and visiting Nepal.


message 9: by Bob (new)

Bob Frank | 12 comments Hello Bibek, Rajesh and friends.
With all the rain and traffic today, we just got back to the hotel. So it is too late to meet tonight (Monday). We are driving to Kodari and the Friendship Bridge on Tuesday, so it might be too late to meet Tuesday night, also.

Because Book 1 Through the Third Eye had a very important scene in Kodari, I have to go see it.

We leave for Chitwan/Pokhara on Wednesday but return about 2-3PM on Sunday. Perhaps, Sunday would be OK to meet up?

On Sunday afternoon or next Monday morning, I do want to take a taxi up to the Triten Norbutse Bonpo Monastery over near Ichangu. There were some important scenes in Book 2 The Eye's Revelation (I put a secret cave under that monastery). Also, because there are 2 car chase scenes through Kathmandu streets (with shooting and all), I want to go to some of those areas and take some photos. My wife does not want to go with me so if some of you would like to come you are welcome.


message 10: by Rajesh (new)

Rajesh Chaudhary (btrajesh) | 4 comments Hello Bob,
That's fine. No worries. We will set a meeting on Sunday or Monday morning according to your time of convenience.

Have a great trip around. We will get back to you soon and hope to see you soon.

Take care.

message 11: by Bob (new)

Bob Frank | 12 comments Bijay, Bibek, Rajeesh, et others,

I just returned this Sunday afternoon from Chitwan and Pokhara. OMG- so wonderful of an experience in both places.

However, I picked up a nasty cold and am coughing terribly. I do not want to get anyone sick so we should not meet today. I fly out later on Monday.

I will find a place to put copies of the paperbacks if you would like one.
Alternatively, On Monday morning I could drop off a copy at the Kaisher and Kathmandu libraries for other to read who cannot get a hard copy.

Does that make sense?

message 12: by Rajesh (new)

Rajesh Chaudhary (btrajesh) | 4 comments Hello Bob,
Yeah, sure. You can decide about it. I would like to have a copy of it. Please let me know from where should I be collecting it.

Have a nice flight and have a great time ahead.

See you someday.

With best regards,

message 13: by Bob (new)

Bob Frank | 12 comments Rajesh,

I will leave 3 copies of Book 1 paperback at the front desk of the Tibet International Hotel which is just 50 meters from the from gate of the Boudhanaud Stupa.

I put your name on the top box, but also Bibeks and Bijay's names. If you could fetch all of them at one time, it might be better. The hotel might not want to hold on to them very long.

Thanks and

message 14: by Bijay (new)

Bijay Rai (bijayrai) | 4 comments Thanks Bob for leaving the paperback copies for us. But I'm afraid I shall not be able to pick one as I'm out of Kathmandu. Maybe Rajesh or Bibek could collect it and I shall collect from them later. Anyways, have a great time in Nepal.


message 15: by BBK (new)

BBK (bbkbhl) | 59 comments Mod
Hello Bob,

I am sorry for your health condition and hope you are alright now.Thanks for leaving the books for us and visiting Nepal.

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