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If The Deathly Hallows story isnt true then how would a wizard be able to make such powerful objects?

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Michael I mean Dumbledore clearly stated no spell could awake the dead,and plus a wizard making a want more powerful then any other.The story has to be true and not just one made up by the brothers,right?But then again Dumbledore did say that he beleived they made it up so i am confused.

Dionna I'm not sure what you are trying to ask?

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Michael I though i was pretty straightfoward,i was just asking how a normal wizard in Harry Potter could make such objects,and that the story in Beetle The Bard must be accurete.

Dionna Death made the objects.

Michael Dumbledore,and many other characters said this wasnt so and it was just a stroy the brothers made up.Thats what i was asking,how could they themselves make the deathly hallows,and to discuss theorys.

Taygus Think of the first book, the philosophers stone. Some wizards are more powerful/more natural inventors.

Aliya Well that's just a cover up story that Luna's that made. The Deathly Hallows does exist and Dumbledore believes in it.Even so if Dumbledore believes in it the Elder Wand,The Resurrection stone and the invisibility cloak exists so isn't this clear proof that the Deathly Hollows exists?And to answer you question about how can a wizard make such powerful objects? Well a wizard didn't create such objects , rather Death did.

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Avani The story of Death and the three brothers and their Deathly Hallows was just a fable, like one of the characters in HP (I forget who) said, to teach kids a lesson.

Dumbledore said that the three brothers were probably just three highly gifted wizards who created these powerful objects. It's all possible in the world of magic, isn't it? The stone didn't truly bring back the dead, by the way--just a feeble image/imitation of the person. They were never actually brought to life.

The story is just a tale to explain the remarkable inventions of the Peverell brothers.

Sparrowlicious I'm with Avani on that one.

Btw, when it comes to fables: Sometimes a story gets told so many times that components in it change drastically. Did you know, for example, that in the celtic mythology there's a story about a magical cauldron that can resurrect the dead and cure all injuries?
What does that sound like to you?
The Holy Grail. :)
Yet another story that got adapted elsewhere.
I think Rowling did quite a good job on coming up with a fairy tale like story for the Three Brothers.

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M.R. Graham We already know that there are natural events that generate enough power to do something that shouldn't be possible - like human death making it possible to split a soul into multiple horcruxes, and love making it possible to escape a Killing Curse.
If the story is just a fable, and the Hallows were created by the Peverell brothers, it may be that they just found unusual ways to harness natural powers.

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Jeni Avani has it straight. Three powerful wizards that created powerful objects. Also, remember in the movie when Voldemort is told he's done extraordinary magic with the wand he replies, "No, Severus, I am extraordinary..." This sums up how I feel about the origins of the story. Three extraordinary wizards creating extraordinary magical objects.

There also was a real Nicolas Flamel. Here is his wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolas_...

He was a gifted alchemist. In fact, scientists today are still trying to duplicate his alchemical experiments.

I also remember the disappearing head hats the twins developed. Hermione was massively impressed they could manipulate the charm to extend to the head of the wearer. Extraordinary wizards creating extraordinary magical objects. The ministry of magic even ordered a ton of them. ;-)

Hiding these into a fable was a brilliant way to keep people from looking for them. Where better place to hide than in the open?

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Avani Jeni wrote: "Where better place to hide than in the open? "

Ah, refrigerator blindness...seems most of wizardkind suffered from it.

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Michael wrote: "I though i was pretty straightfoward,i was just asking how a normal wizard in Harry Potter could make such objects,and that the story in Beetle The Bard must be accurete."

Perhaps there are normal wizards and abnormal wizards. Like we have with humans -- we have geniuses and averages and above and below averages. Maybe these objects were formed by the wizard equivalent of a genius.

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