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Who else thinks it's weird that Frypan has a beard when he's still young?

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isn't that kind of gross? wouldn't it get in their food and stuff? How old is he, like seventeen? (I always thought that the book said he had like a full beard--not long, just not stubble) so if you can expound on that or explain it to me that would be awesome.

notyourfriend As long as Frypan's beard doesn't go into their food, I don't think it matters.

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I thought he was about 16. But you know... and I feel kinda wrong saying this but some guys go into puberty eraly and maybe Frypan was one of those guys...

Cherie I highly doubt a bunch of boys would care about hair in their food... Just take it out and keep eating

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Ahahahahahhahahaha that's so true!!

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05EmilyH Heaton Still gross

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Vee Gretzinger ya, kinda gross. but no, i don't think its weird. espceially given their situation. its a fact that when put under the right circumstances our body matures/adapts. i think this would be one of those conditions.

Cherie By the way you guys I knew somebody in my freshman year of Highschool with a beard.. Granted, he was held back like twice.. But still... Plus a lot of my guy friends in senior year had beards.

notyourfriend Yea thats nothing new..

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