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Do you think the way Cullen acted was normal?
A H A Mar 14, 2013 05:29PM
I don't really know if the way Cullen lashed out because his brother is missing is very realistic.

I think the way he lashed out is very realistic, I have never losed a sibling, but I can imagine the terrible things that go along with it.

I agree that the way Cullen acted was unrealistic. However, not because I think his reaction was off, but because I am still not sure how Cullen actually felt. The author's writing style made his feelings very unclear and hard to follow.

i thing this is totaly normal the way he acted. he lost his brother for almost a whole year! if i lost someone really close to me i dont know what i would do. id go insane. and then to later find out that they are ok, after just getting used to them being gone. thta really messes with a person.

Diversion is a stress relieving technique, and often when people go through dramatic experiences, especially people who are normally introverted and quiet, they cope by hiding their anger, which eventually leads to lashing out when it becomes too much. It's all psychology.

Perhaps what you are not realizing by asking this question is that Cullen lost not only his brother, but one of his closest friends. Although Cullen did have other friends to rely on to console him, he lost the person he loved to talk to the most. Also, Cullen was never able to achieve any closure because it was not as if his brother died and was buried, he mysteriously disappeared which left Cullen in the torturous position of having to either come to terms with the fact that his brother was most likely dead, or have to live the remainder of his life speculating as to the condition of his brother.

I think the way he acted was normal! I am an only child, but i cannot imagine losing a member of my family, let alone the person i spend the most time with; my brother! I have some really good friends who are iterally brothers to me, and i dont't know what I'd do if i lost them. I can understand why Cullen lashed out, and I think it was wise of him to consult a Psychiatrist.

I believe the way he acted was completely normal given his age. Teenagers already are emotional and sometimes overreact, but losing the brother you love? That would've been devastating for Cullen.

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