Why We Broke Up Why We Broke Up question

What is the best part about this book?
A H A Mar 14, 2013 05:27PM
I think the best part about it is the ability to feel right there with the main character ,most books don't do that.

I agree. I was right there with Min the whole time and could really relate to her. I also loved the way it was written. I think the style of sentences really added to the book. What do you think?

I agree. The author made this book so relatable and made me feel like part of the story.

when she finally saw al as more dan a friend

I agree with everybody above. This book made me feel as if I was the one falling for, and breaking up with, Ed. It's rare to find a book that makes you feel like your right there with the characters (: the writing style was beautiful and unique, one of my favorites for sure.

The best part about the book was that Daniel Handler made me feel that I was Min Green - that I was the one who's going through the break-up. It was just beautifully and uniquely written. It was like I was actually feeling every twist and turns of emotion - the happiness, excitement, sadness, love and hate.

I completely agree, this book involves so much detail that it is hard not to be right there with them. It makes the book feel so much more in depth and emotional!

hi do you think i will like this book even though i havent gone through a break up? or have a relationship?

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Louise Yes, some times it helps to see other resolving issues we haven't experienced to help us
be aware of potential problems.
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Louise I definitely liked how the book ended, with Min realizing what was right in front of her. I real good relationship.
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I totally agree! I absolutely loved this book! I loved the writing style and could definitely feel like I'm sitting next to Min writing the letter! The author was so creative and came up with the great idea of including pictures and having each picture have a huge meaning and entire story behind it. I also loved how the character Min was so relatable and that she wasn't just some character in a book, she seemed like she could be my next door neighbor!

It made me feel that I'm more than just a reader. It made me feel that I'm actually the one going through the break-up.

I felt like I was the one in love with/in hate with Ed by the end. I felt like I was in the story like I was almost Min! I love how this book was also so hopeful at the end.

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