The Host (The Host, #1) The Host question

What do you think of the chosen cast for The Host?

I'm a big fan of Saoirse! And I just met Max and Jake on tour. They are the sweetest! I am a little surprised that the award winning actors are attached to this project since it inevitably gets compared to twilight

Well from the people i have seen it should be a good cast, though i pictured Ian...Well bigger, more masculine and buff and not lanky like the guy playing him. His character came off different to me in the book but yeah.

I'll wait to judge until I actually see the movie, but I'm pretty pleased with the cast based on my typecasted mental images of the characters.

i think it is about time saoirse got a big part like this. jake able was great as luke in the lightning thief ( since the ywrecked that movie he was the bedt part and the only one who was the right age)ian is my favourite charector so this is exciting. and i wsh that the actor playing jared would use his british accent but anyways so exiceted for the movie can't wait i hate how people are saying it's the new twilight love triangle yuck and how can it be atriangle when there are four people, some people are so not with it.

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