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Mia K. (miakflynn) | 7 comments * Title - Bred in Sex Ed
* Author(s) name(s) - Mia K. Flynn
* ISBN (or ASIN) - B00BU67TOI
* Publisher - Kisses & Kink Press
* Publication date - March 13, 2013
* Format - Kindle Ebook
* Description - Betty’s got the *worst* crush on her bossy, older sex ed teacher, and when he catches her sneaking in the classroom after school to steal condoms, she expects to get in trouble. Instead, he talks her into practicing the right way to put one on–using something a lot more fun than a banana! To her surprise, she gets so turned on that she lets him talk her into way more than that. The latex doesn’t stay on for long, and soon, he’s doing things to her that *definitely* count as unsafe sex. He’s experienced, and he knows how to pull out, he tells her. But that doesn’t mean he will...

Warning: This 7624 word story features an inexperienced teen student getting reluctantly bred over a desk by her older teacher, rough bareback sex, and a messy creampie.

* Link to cover


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Catalina | 2065 comments Working

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Catalina | 2065 comments here we go:

You can claim your author profile here:

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Mia K. (miakflynn) | 7 comments Catalina-laura wrote: "here we go:

You can claim your author profile here:"

Thanks! I just submitted an author account request thingy today. Should I do the above link too?

ETA: Never mind, it's the same page I used today.

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rivka | 44638 comments Mod
No, you only need to request once.

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