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Treble Maker :3 :D Hello!

Treble Maker :3 Oh do you mind if I'm the girl?

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not at all! go ahead and make your character

Treble Maker :3 Ok :D Starting now.

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Name: Zane
Age: 17

Treble Maker :3 Name: Ariana[Aria]

Age: 17


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kewl! can you start please?

Treble Maker :3 Ok but when did you want to start? Are they escaping or have they already? And do they know each other?

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lets start were they are both taken to the mental hospital and they don't know each other but help each other get out

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Treble Maker :3 Ok :D

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Treble Maker :3 Aria looked around in amusement, she didn't want to be here anymore but they thought she was insane and refused to let her out.

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Zane was led into a room by the staff, they shoved him in and locked the door behind them, Zane put his fist on the door and rested his head on it. he did not want to be here and tried to convince his parents and the staff that he was not insane but they refused to listen to him

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Treble Maker :3 Aria watched as another person was brought in, "Hey welcome to club Mental assylum" she said lamely but in a overly happy voice. She knew why they thought she was insane but that was just her personality.

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Zane heard someone else on the other side of the door, he ignored it and bent down to the lock on the door and tried to pick the lock with a small pocket knife he managed to sneak in

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Treble Maker :3 Aria layed on the foam floor of her 'room,' "If you're gonna force me to be here you could have at least made the room a little more fun!" She yelled out her door, her bright red hair falling on her face.

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Zane finally managed to unlock the door. he slowly opened it and crept out, making sure not to be seen he walked over to Aria's door and knocked on it

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Treble Maker :3 Aria sighed and went to her door, "Hello?" she said as she looked through the little hole in the door that framed her face.

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"are you insane? " he asked her. she did not sound or look like she was crazy but he wanted to make sure that she wasn't be fore he let her out

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Treble Maker :3 Aria shrugged, "Well most people assume so," she said with a smile "but I think I'm sane... mostly" she added with a shrug.

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he thought for a moment and glanced behind his shoulder. "what is the square root of 36? " he asked

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Treble Maker :3 ((Sorry, had t eat lunch))

She groaned, "I hate maths" she complained but thought about it"um, 6 right?" Aria answered shrugging.

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"yup." he said unlocking her door

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Treble Maker :3 "Thanks" she said looking around not sure how she was supposed to sneak out of here.

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he looked behind his shoulder "come on." he said offering her his hand

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Treble Maker :3 She nodded and took his hand, "Where?" she asked.

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"out." he replied, he held onto her hand and cautiously made his way around the corner

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Treble Maker :3 Aria nodded, "Best news I've heard all day" she said grinning.

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he saw a guard and ran into the bathroom with her, a staff member walked in and Zane pushed him and Aria in a stall

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Treble Maker :3 Aria covered her mouth so she didn't laugh as Zane pushed her into the stall.

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Zane looked at her, the stall was small and they were almost touching.

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Treble Maker :3 Ariana looked around, "Well this is awkward" she said quietly.

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he nodded and glanced over the stall, a staff member was washing her hands, he looked back at Aria and put his finger up to his lips, silently telling her to be quiet

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Treble Maker :3 Aria nodded, she felt really short at the moment even though there wasn't that big a difference between them.

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Zane glanced over the stall again, the staff member had gone and he slowly opened the stall door, he grabbed Aria's hand and ran out of the bathroom

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Treble Maker :3 Aria gasped as she was dragged from the stall suddenly, her feet moving faster than her brain as she followed Zane.

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he found the power swich and quickly shut it off, the whole hospital went black

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Treble Maker :3 Aria kept her mouth shut, 'wow it's dark in here' she thought to herself.

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everything went silent once the power was off, he held onto Arias hand and quietly walked down the hallway

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Treble Maker :3 Aria listened to the surprised noises the patients and staff were making with vague interest.

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he ran his fingers along the wall to feel where he was going

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Treble Maker :3 As Aria's eyes adjusted to the dark she spotted the door out.

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he slowly opened the door to outside and the room flooded with light

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Treble Maker :3 Aria blinked a few times as the sun hit her eyes, at first she was blinded but then she smiled when she realised they were going to make it.

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he pulled her out the door and ran. luckily there was no staff outside

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Treble Maker :3 Aria kept up with him easily, "So now what?" she asked curiously.

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he looked around to make sure that no staff saw them "not sure."

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Treble Maker :3 She looked around, she wasn't a local to these parts so she didn't know where to go either.

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