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message 1: by Probably (new)

Probably A Serial Killer my blog is at, and its basically just me blathering on about different things, like books, projects, ect, updates on my day, short stories ive either written or read and enjoyed....its a work in progress, and like i said, id appreciate some followers.....ill follow you back!

message 2: by Kelly (last edited Mar 30, 2013 12:00AM) (new)

Kelly | 32 comments Hey, Kat! :D I checked out your blog, and I do have a few suggestions. First, since first impressions are crucial with blogs, you may want to consider changing your background to something it'll be a bit easier to read your posts over. Someone is a lot less likely to even give your blog a chance if they have to strain to read the posts.

Second, I see that you do have a GFC Follow button, but it's all the way at the bottom of your blog. That should be easy to find, as it's how most people are going to be following you and remembering to come back for future visits. I'd suggest going into your layout and putting it high on one of the side margins. Same with your post archive, so it's easy for new visitors to see what type of content you post right off the bat.

I've been blogging for about 7 months now and I only recently broke 100 followers - and that took a lot of work, let me tell you! - so don't expect to instantly have dozens of followers. It takes time, but as you start to get the hang of things you'll see that it gets easier. I think those few things I mentioned will go a long way to making your blog more accessible to visitors, and I did follow you. :)

Good luck!

- Kelly @ PaperFantasies

message 3: by Probably (new)

Probably A Serial Killer I did as you suggusted,and I'm up to 8 followers. :) I appreciate the help.

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