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Is this book auto-conclusive?

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Bonita One of the things that surprised and greated me the most with Mistborn was that the first book tied up most of the plot. There was still a lot open for the sequels, but you COULD read it and let the series to lie down for a while.

Being this book 1000 pages long, the least I can expect is that it is somehow auto-conclusive. Is it?

Neal Simmons No. It was designed as a ten book series with two five book arcs. It is not stand alone like Warbreaker or Elantris, though both of those do have sequels in the pipe.

That said, it is probably one of the best fantasy books I have ever read

Gianluca It's not really auto-conclusive, no. But several story arcs are resolved, a few mysteries revealed and some questions answered, so I think one can easily enjoy it the same way you enjoyed Mistborn: The Final Empire.

Kenneth Geary It doesn't leave you disappointed that it ended but it leaves you wanting more

Bonita Okay, thank you for your answers. I'll go for it!

Neal Simmons Book 2 title was recently announced too. Should be out within a year...

Bonita Neal wrote: "Book 2 title was recently announced too. Should be out within a year..."

You can watch the updated process with his books on his website! ->

Stormlight 2 First Draft 43%
Stormlight 2 Prewriting 90%

Gianluca I know! It's a pretty cool website.

Michael T I thought the next title was going to be "even longer and more formulaic."

Kenneth Geary Apparently calling a 1000+ page book "The book of endless pages" is a bad idea haha

Nihilum The same person keep throwing the word "formulaic" out there. All books are formulaic...they are written in a specific order to prevent confusion and convey a story. Your use of the word is therefore, not only incorrect, but it shows your level of understanding in creative writing.

Using big words impresses nobody...especially on a website full of avid readers. Understand the meaning AND use of a word in a given situation, before you repeat the word...otherwise you're just annoying people.

message 13: by Michael (last edited Dec 08, 2013 11:59AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Michael Michael wrote: "I thought the next title was going to be "even longer and more formulaic.""

Yes, and the formula seems to be:

Intriguing Characters + Unique and Innovative Magic System + Masterful Worldbuilding = Epic Bestselling Novel

Don't really see how you can knock that.

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