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Icons VS Unbreakable

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Jasmine Now that both Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl's solo books have covers, we should vote. Yes, were going to have... a COVER OFF:




Therealbadkitty Personally the plot of Unbreakable sounds more interesting to me because I love books about angels/demons/ghosts/afterlife/any dark fantasy and tend to stay away from Aliens,which Icons has. I will definitely read both of them and have high hopes because the Caster Chronicles is amazingly wonderful.

Kristin Hey Helen,
How did you get the pictures in your discussion? I would love to do this with my phone. As for your question on the covers I think I like the Unbreakable cover better. I have read both of these books now. Have you? I think both of them are very good and I am finding it hard to pick my favourite. They have very different story lines but I loved both books and the characters in them.

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