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For those who have read hidden, did anyone get a wird feeling from Erebus like he's not quite as good and perfect as we thought. To be honest I wouldn't mind finding out a little more about him. I just get the feeling maybe he might have something dark going on about him. What does everyone else think.

Well the book made it sound like Kalona betrayed Nyx somehow. I think Kalona made a power play for Erebus rightful spot as Nyx's Warrior. There are definitely some testosterone issues between these too. I feel like Erebus doesn't want another competition between himself and Kalona because he knows he is getting close to the goddess forgiving him, and they would have that whole weird love triangle thing going on that Zoey, Stark, and Heath had (which I just don't understand). I just can’t decide if Erebus is doing it in attempt to protect Nyx or because of his own jealousy. I don’t think Nyx will be too happy either when she finds out that he is seeing him secretly trying to talk Kalona into leaving too.

deleted user Yeah i guess, i'm not to sure, i'm a little tried of the love triangles in these books and would like it if everone would settle down with a boyfriend ...more
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I prefer the moon to the sun. :P

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