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Steven Jordan (stevenlylejordan) | 37 comments My latest novel, Sarcology, will be available for purchase on 4.1.13.

A beautiful robotics scientist has been enduring a very personal blackmail as punishment for past indiscretions. But the stakes have gone up, and she's had enough. Enter Allen and Jessica Teal, of the Teal Investigative Agency, who plan to catch her elusive blackmailer. But the case quickly goes from bad to deadly... and they must solicit the help of a robot prototype that turns out to be far more than anyone expected. So begins a sexy and romantic detective adventure, with a robotic twist, set in 2040s Atlanta.

The story is a detective adventure on the surface, overlaying a personal exploration of whether a person can exist inside a robot body. Further information, and a FREE excerpt, can be found at my website.

From the advance copy reviews:

"I have read many of Steve's books and although they are all good, this one outshines them all. Well written, suspenseful and loaded with lots of speculative ideas about robotics. I assume that these ideas are all here now or within a possibility. I REALLY enjoyed reading this book... His best yet. I rate this one at 5 stars." - Allan MacDiarmid

"In Sarcology, Steve has another winner: a fast-paced thriller, full of corporate espionage, love, lots of sex (including robot sex), and murder. This is a roller-coaster of a novel, with highs and lows, and I could not wait to find out what happens next." -Sherri Mines

"Without realizing it you will find yourself drawn into the lives and feelings of the characters, and the effort put into character development will pay off in a major way halfway through the book. Prepare to get emotional... The philosophical questions it generates are interesting, the characters are very well done, and it’s an interesting ride that comes to a satisfying conclusion, something very hard to do." -Thomas Meister

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Steven Jordan (stevenlylejordan) | 37 comments On 4.1.13, I will be hosting a Facebook event for the release of Sarcology, where I will blog, tweet, post, yell out my window, and let as many people as I can know about this new book! There will be Q&As, contests (with free stuff on the line!), reviews, discussions about the writing of Sarcology, and (God, please) lots of fun!

You are hereby invited to visit, enjoy, get your copy of Sarcology, and tell your friends!

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Steven Jordan (stevenlylejordan) | 37 comments Sarcology is now available on my books site, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (There is a $1.00 discount for buying from my site... I hope you'll shop there first!)

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