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Make your own RA character

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message 1: by Paris (new)

Paris (majickcheese) | 82 comments Mod
This is the same thing I did for Middle Earth book club. Try to make up your own character that would live in Araluen or anywhere else in the RA world. Tell us about where he/she comes from, what weapon they use, and maybe a short story about their life.

message 2: by Paris (new)

Paris (majickcheese) | 82 comments Mod
Sounds pretty powerful

message 3: by Paris (last edited Mar 20, 2013 09:37AM) (new)

Paris (majickcheese) | 82 comments Mod
My character's name is Aaron. He is the adopted nephew of Erak, the Skandian sea raider, and is very good at steering and commandeering wolfships. He was originally a slave from Celtica serving the Wargals during the war with Morgorath but was taken to Skandia after the war as Erak's nephew after the sea raider realized his potential as a fighter. He is 12 years old.

message 4: by Khyllian (new)

Khyllian | 51 comments Well thats fun.

message 5: by Khyllian (new)

Khyllian | 51 comments I am not so great with the making up of characters. I will try though. No mean judgements when I do.

message 6: by Paris (new)

Paris (majickcheese) | 82 comments Mod
Ok and once your done you can try to write a fan fiction story of RA with your character in it

message 7: by Khyllian (new)

Khyllian | 51 comments Not a bad idea Paris... I shall start brainstorming!

message 8: by Khyllian (new)

Khyllian | 51 comments How about you all create characters and then I shall just weave fanciful tales about all their adventures? I lack yhe ability to create interesting characters from my imagination...

message 9: by Breanna Joy (new)

Breanna Joy Lol Khyllian I'm the opposite I love making characters but can't always make a story

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