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((Thanks ya Ella))

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Allison, after walking around the dorms and office all morning, finally got to stop and enjoy the grounds. They were beautiful there were flowers everywhere you turned! what a great place to take pictures and paint! she thought.

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Ally sat down in the grass. who needs benches? and she started to draw. she always carries a notepad and pencils with her.

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Ally was wondering why everyone didn't want to be here. this place is beautiful, and they'd all have a new chance to meet new people and make new friends. Ally got off the ground and walked over to a tree she saw someone climb, "Hi," she called up to the tree, "I'm Allison."

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Ally noticed the camera in his hands, "So you're into photography?" She asked. Then she added, "I'm sorry if this conversation is making you uncomfortable. I just need to start making friends."

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"I'm also taking the photography class. how long have you been into it?" she asked.

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"Cool, yeah I've been into it my whole life. my grandpa used to take me outside with his old camera and let me take pictures. they were awful."

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"Yeah that tends to happen when kids take pictures haha." she said. "So, where are you from?"

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"Illinois. that's kind of weird."

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"We're both from Illinois. What city are you from?"

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"Wyoming. Why'd you move here?" she asked

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"Interesting. I haven't been to my hometown for eight years. I just switched schools, I've pretty much lived here for most of my life."

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"I'll leave you to your Photography, I'll see you around! I'm going to go exploring."

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"Because we moved and we have no family there. It's really just a nobody town so we have no need to go back." She said.

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"It's no big deal. I'm going to go now. I want to explore the rest of this place. I'll see you around!" she said, and walked away.

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Casper walks around his hands in the pockets of his old worn out jeans. He has a plain old white shirt on and combat boots.

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Allison was just walking around. She was extremely bored. The dorm, and the Auditorium, were full of people. So she decided to just walk around, maybe she would check out the lake later on

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Casper has his beats on and has his music loud.he nods his head to the music as he walks.

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Ally decided to work on her photography, she had been neglecting it since she got here. She was just about to snap a picture when a boy walked into the scene, She yelled out, "Hey, could you move over a little bit," trying to get him out of the shot

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He can't hear her because of the blasting g music in his ear. He thought he heard something but it must have been the music

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There was no response. Ally walked over so she could ask him to move, "Hey, sorry, but I was trying to get a picture of the grounds, could you move just for a second?" she asked as politely as she could

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He looks down seeing a girl. He takes off the headphones "oh hey! Nice camera! Did you say something?"

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She sighed, this time she was getting annoyed, "Yes. I did. I said I was trying to get a photo of the grounds but you were in the way so I asked if you would move. Just for a second," She started, "Sorry that sounded a little more rude than I intended it to."

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"No it's all cool! I'll move"he moves out of her way

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She backs p and snaps the photo, "thanks," she said, "I'll leave you to whatever it was you were doing."

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"no problem. I'm Casper by the way. What's your name?"he asked

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"Allison, you can call me Ally though. Allison is just way to long," She replied

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"that's a pretty name"he smiled a smile that makes girls just melt

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"Thanks," she said, "Yours isn't bad either." she returned the smile

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"why thank you my fair lady"he jokes around

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"I love that movie!" she said. He probably didn't even know that it was a movie, "Have you seen it?"

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"sorry I don't Watch movies much or t.v either"he says with a shrug but still smiling

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"Oh well it's a musical, it's hilarious too," she said. "Are you into music?" she asked, continuing the conversation. She had noticed the head phones, which of course is what caused her to come over here and ask him to move

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Rachel Fliss had finally unpacked everything and was now taking the chance to have a look round the school. She had her camera with her. That way if she saw anything she wanted to paint she'd do it later looking at the photo.

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Ally came from her dorm and saw FLiss walking around, "Hey Fliss," she said, and ran up to her, "How was your time with Zion?" she asked

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Rachel "It's was good, I guess," Fliss told her. "We went to The Workshop, but I left early 'cause I got tired and I'm not much of a dancer anyway,"

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"Yeah, I've not been there yet," Ally said, "I don't drink or dance," she said. She probably sounded religious or something, but she wasn't

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(I have to go to my music lessons, I'll be back around 4)

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Rachel (Okay see you later)
"I don't drink or dance either, I just went along with Zion," Fliss played back in her head what she just said. It sounded weak and needy to her, she hoped Ally hadn't noticed.

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"Well, at least we have that in common," she said, smiling

((I am SOOOOOOOO sorry I didn't get back on! I lost track of time and I had so mch going on, :( Sorry!))

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Joe was walking back to the dorms with Rosalie, "It's a nice school," he said. He really wasn't a good conversation starter

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She wasn't used to talking to people "yeah its so beautiful"she says "so does your girlfriend ho here"

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He blushed deep red, "Uh, I don't have a girlfriend," he said, "I haven't really gotten to know many people around here yet anyway," he said. That was embarrassing, he didn't know she was going to ask that,

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"sorry I just thought you had a girlfriend because your so....."she stops before she says anything to embarrassing

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"I'm so what?" he asked, looking confused,

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"its nothing really"she says blushing even more

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"Oh," he said, looking down, "So what about you? you must have a guy out there," he said. Maybe she was free, he thought

(They've made it to the girls dorms let's move to her thread?)

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((okay sure))

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Rachel (No problem Molly, happens all the time to me)

"I see you made it back to your dorm then," Fliss decided to move the topic of conversation from her just now. "So what did you an Casper talk about? or is it classified info that not even CIA can know?" she was joking of course, but Fliss had always been extremely curious.

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