The Grimoire of the Lamb (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #0.4) The Grimoire of the Lamb question

is this out yet?
Bruce Johnson Bruce Mar 12, 2013 04:20PM
So is this book out already?
I looked on amazon and google and couldn't find it anywhere.

Totally agree with you Bruce! Even before discovering some of the longer running Urban Fantasy Series (Dresden Files, Nightside etc) the Iron Druid Chronicles drew me into the genre!

Hearne writes on his site, "THE GRIMOIRE OF THE LAMB hasn’t been released yet. But it will be! I should be able to give you a release date and a US cover soon—the cover Goodreads has is the UK cover—but until I’m allowed to show and tell, I can tell you this:

1) Atticus & Oberon go to Egypt, and heck yes they get into trouble.
2) It’s a bit longer than TWO RAVENS AND ONE CROW." (14 March 2013)

yah got it and read it

This was another great addition to the series.

It's out!

Just finished it just now. What a great author!

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