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Amount of time since death-

History (before death)-




Sould mate(if found)-

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Name- Allison Rice

Age- 19

Sex- female

Sexuality- straight

Amount of time since death- 2 months

History (before death)-  Allison was the daughter of a firefighter and a paramedic. The two had met at a fire one day and the rest was history. Allison grew up never knowing if her father would be safe or not, but she took his bravery as something to follow. She became a rather brave child, always stepping in the way of danger for those she didn't even know. 

When Allison was a little over 18, she saved a life--a male of around age 37. But, his gratefulness exceeded the kind Allison wished. He became obsessed with her. After being turned away so many times, the man grew angered and jealous of seeing Allison with any other man. When he caught her with a boy in the park doing nothing but kissing, the man violently killed the boy and kidnapped Allison. She was tormented in her eyes for nearly 5 months, but in his eyes things were perfect. Allison lost track of time and wasnt even sure when she was killed. Now she wonders around, looking for something or someone. She isn't sure. Maybe closure...maybe revenge. She isn't sure at all. 

Her kidnapper was never brought to justice. 

Family-she has a father and mother as well as an older brother. (any can be rp-ed if liked :).)


Personality- Before her death, Allison was the type to care for anyone and always try to save them. But, she only tried to keep them physically safe. She fled from tears most of the time unless it came from her close friends. She was a nice girl with plenty of ambition and brains. 

She had a bright outlook on life and had no fears. Since her daddy never got hurt in such a dangerous career, simple things that Allison did day in and out wouldn't hurt her. 

After being taken and tormented, Allison became a bit darker. She started to crave injuring anyone that wished harm on her or others. Her trust in people vanished and her desire to save people went away as well.  

(I'll probably edit later)

Soul mate(if found)- (not found yet)

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Name- Jason Black

Age- 19

Sex- male

Sexuality- straight

Amount of time since death- 5 years

History (before death)- he and his sister, Jane, were in the circus. He died, when performing an act, he had a serious drinking problem and did the timing wrong

Family- Jane (still alive)


Personality- Jason is a sweet heart, he listens to you and cares. He is smart and funny which makes him nice to be around. Most of the time he can be quiet because he is scared or unsure of himself

Soul mate(if found)-

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Name- Linger Isabella Kingston

Age- 18

Sex- Female

Sexuality- Straight

Amount of time since death- three years

History (before death)- Linger grew up in an abusive home. She was pushed around by her dad all the time, always covered in bruises. Her mother never did anything to protect her, she only drank her sorrows away. Linger started to hang out with the wrong crowd at age 15 and got into trouble with her school and the law. One night her father was so wasted that he pushed her down hard in the living room. Her head slammed into the corner of a table and she died.



Hair Color: Originally a dirty blonde color, Dyes it purple
Eye Color: An ice green Color.
Height: Five foot one
Weight: 95 lbs

Personality- Linger is clever and smart. She is a problem solver, she always wanted to fix other's problems because she could never fix her own problems. She has a kind heart and a sweet personality but also holds onto a lot of trust problems. She has trouble letting people in.

Soul mate(if found)- Not found

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All Accepted x

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Name-Soren Emrys



Amount of time since death-4 months

History (before death)-Soren grew up in a really bad part of Ireland. His mother was a drunk and barely paid him or his older brother any attention. Let alone protected them from thier violent father. But Soren's big brother, Damien, took all the beatings and protected Soren from everything he could. His mum died because of liver failure and his dad was killed in a gang fight years later. After that they moved to England with their aunt. Soren got into a lot of fights at school, acting out most of the time because he had a bad childhood. He was always labelled the trouble child with 'issues' and this made Soren even more angry at the world. Eventually he cleaned up his act after finding a passion for art. Soren got into the university of fine Art in Bristol, and loved it, he was well on his way to being recognised as one of the greatest young artists of his generation. But when Soren went back to Ireland with his brother for a bit of time out to see old friends he got into a fight with a local gang and was stabbed. Damien tried to save him but it was too late. Now Soren is stuck trying to move on, and most importantly trying to get his big brother, who is a sight child, to forgive himself for what happened.

Damien-Older brother


Eyes (strange and most compelling feature-

Personality-Soren had rage issues as a child and as a teenager because of everything he went through. But he really isn't a hateful person, he doesn't like to open up to people. He expresses his emotions through art, he likes to do coal and pencil drawings. Soren had always been amazingly good at his art, it's where he bares his soul. Soren is rather kind hearted and struggles with his dark past, he is always honest but doesn't really like to talk, especially to new people.

Sould mate(if found)-Not yet


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Arwen Name- Arielle Evans

Age- 17

Sex- Female

Sexuality- straight

Amount of time since death- 300 years

History (before death)- She was a lady in one of the queen's courts, she died by execution as she was thought to have betrayed the queen. She was also accused of witchcraft.

Family- Mother, older brother, sister, Father : all dead


Personality- sarcastic, rough, she still has manners of a lady of the court and speaks like one. kind, angered by random things. she hasn't quite accepted the fact that nearly no one can see her

Sould mate(if found)- not yet. She had one when he was alive, but he left her when she was accused of betrayal, obviously he is dead now

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Accepted x

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Arwen thank you:)

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Name- Nikolay Volkov (Николай Волков)
Nickname - Nick

Age- 19

Sex- Male

Sexuality- Straight.

Amount of time since death- He died in that's 86 years.

History (before death)- Nick was born in Russia, in the soviet period so he couldn't leave that country. He remembers that he lived somewhere in northern Russia, where the average temperature of a winter day would drop to -15 degrees Celsius.

He'd never really liked Russia at all. The Government was the worst part of it, but the cold always penetrated through his thick jacket and bit at his bones. Every day, he'd endure this torture. Sometimes, he was forced to watch executions and torture sessions. His family was a large one, but there was barely enough food for all of them. His family was one of the poor ones, the ones that lived on the street with ratty clothes wrapped around themselves. His life stunk at that moment. When he was old enough to make his own decisions, at 19 years old, he decided that he would get out of Russia and go visit somewhere warm. Due to the laws, he couldn't actually get out legally, so he paid a smuggler to get him out of the country by aeroplane. He was an idiot for believing that this would work. Soldiers saw this plane flying out and were commanded to shoot it down. Wonderful. So, BOOM he went and that was the end.

Family- He had a mother, father, 2 little sisters and 4 older brothers.

Appearance- [image error]
His skin is very fair, because he spent most of his time in the shade and rolling around the snow. Not much sun around Russia back then. His ghost form still pertains some scars from the explosion he died in. And, his hair isn't styled like that. It's messy and hangs around his face.

Personality- Nick is very quiet reserved. This comes from the fact that he had 4 older brothers that had more right to speak than he did. But he isn't afraid of people, he likes to talk, but he isn't very good at it. Because he's Russian people immediately think, "Right, he must want to kill everyone!" (No offense. Russian's are awesome!) He's always interested in whatever's happening or whatever you're telling him. He's never bored living in the modern era, since he'd been deprived of such privileges in his life. He's a sook. When there's a sad or tragic event in a movie, he'll cry and he won't try to hide it. He isn't a big macho guy, he's a real softie and, kind of a coward. Spiders, he hates spiders.

Soul mate(if found)- No soul mate.

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Glitter Veins wrote: "Name- Nikolay Volkov (Николай Волков)
Nickname - Nick

Age- 19

Sex- Male

Sexuality- Straight.

Amount of time since death- He died in that's 86 years.

History (before death)- Nick was..."

Accepted x

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Name- Abigail Shepard

Age- Perpetually 18

Sex- Female

Sexuality- Heterosexual

Amount of time since death- About a year and a half

History (before death)- Abigail had always been a self-proclaimed good girl. She always got her school work done, never stayed out too late with her friends, never had so much as a drop of alcohol(thought she regrets that a bit now). Her family never had to worry about her getting into trouble. They trusted that their little girl wouldn't get tangled up in something she wasn't supposed to and Abigail did a good job of avoiding anything too horribly bad. It wasn't her fault that trouble just so happened to find her.
Abigail was killed in a gas station. Yes, not the most glamorous place to lose one's life, but it wasn't like she picked it out. Her friend Zachary had been taking her home after they had gone out to see a movie one night, but Zach insisted on filling up before he took her home. Since they were about to drive past a Tripar, Abigail figured there was no harm in being home a few minutes late.
While Zach was out pumping gas, Abigail had headed inside to buy a bottle of water, but she never made it to the counter to pay. Ahead of her, there was a man in a ski mask robbing the cashier at gunpoint. She stood frozen in shock for the initial robbery, but when the thief turned to make his exit, she spotted Zach heading inside. Not wanting her friend to get caught up in some horrible mess with the robber, Abigail instinctively grabbed the man's arm in an attempt to stall him, a poor choice on her part. The trigger happy man didn't waste a moment in hesitating shoot, sending a single hot, lead bullet straight through her liver.
The robber escaped and an ambulance was called, but Abigail had bled out and was beyond resuscitation by the time help arrived.

Phillip Shepard- father
Malinda Shepard- mother, left when Abigail was 12 years old
William Shepard- older brother

Apearance- description

Personality- Abigail has always been someone that has made people work. She never gave away her friendship or trust freely and it limited her group of friends when she was alive. But the friends she had were good ones. Abigail watches over them, even though she knows there is one specific task she is meant to carry through. She knows she is supposed to be looking for her soul mate, but not many people can see her and she isn't used to be the one working for someone's affections.

Soul mate(if found)- Not yet

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Louis Dayster




Amount of time since death
Unknown to him.


He was a natural party guy ,he loved to hang out with friends, he didn't have many people to call " Friends " , but he was fine with that. One day when he was 17 some guys from that studied dark magic got him into it. Big mistake. He was good, really good he could do professional spells in just a few short weeks. He was practicing a fire spell one day in the forest when a small girl ran by chasing her dog, it broke his concentration and sadly he burned the girl to smithereens . In grief he took a knife and stabbed himself , he didn't die he was just taken to the hospital, but once recuperated he went to a party and got a bit too drunk when he was driving back home he crashed with a tree and one of the branches went straight through his chest. When he was taken to his funeral , none of his " Friends" came , except for one he still felt hurt , why didn't they come...

His grandma which died a few years ago from his death.


" Haha, I had to love my last life.....".- Louis

He was a full on party guy, and he loved it but not anymore, he doesn't want to be with anyone any more. He dislikes company now, he just wants to sulk in his sadness and self-pity.

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Accepted x

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