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cafeteria photo: Cafeteria Cafeteria.jpg

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) Nicki walked into the cafeteria. It looked a if no one was here yet, so she sat down at a table and listened to music.

message 3: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Fliss walked into the cafeteria. It was deserted except for one girl who appeared to be listening to music. Fliss walked over and sat at the table next to her.

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) Nicki looked over to the girl with the red-ish hair who just walked in. She pulled out her headphones and nodded to her. "Hey."

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Rose walks in with the girls sitting down

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) Nicole waved Rose over. "What's up girl?"

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Emma Kayla: The cafeteria was empty other than two girls sitting at a table. I walk over to them. "Hi." I say. "Can I sit here?"

message 8: by Rachel (new)

Rachel "Hey," Fliss replied to music girl. "I guess I'm not the only early riser. I'm Fliss by the way,"

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) "Nicole, but you can call me Nicki," she introduced herself. She looked at Kayla. "Sure."

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Rachel "Yeah sure," Another girl had just walked over. "Help yourself," Fliss smiled.

message 11: by Emma (new)

Emma Kayla: "Thanks. Which one of you girls is in dorm 5?"

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Rose sits down "hey guys "

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) "Rose and I are in dorm two," Nicki shrugged.

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Rachel "That would be me," Fliss said. "I take it that means you are to then?"

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Emma Kayla: "Yeah. I was just moved in yesterday afternoon."

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Rachel "Fliss," Yay! I've actually met someone from my dorm Fliss was so happy.

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Emma Kayla: "I'm Kayla. Do they make any coffee here?"

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) "So are any of you singers?" Nicki was hoping to know at least a few people in her classes.

message 19: by Rachel (new)

Rachel "Not sure on the coffee," Fliss said to Kayla "And I'm tone deaf sadly" to Nicki. "Rose right?" Fliss always tried to include everyone in a conversation.

message 20: by Emma (new)

Emma Kayla: "Singing and acting. Why?"

message 21: by Emma (new)

Emma Kayla: "I hope it's good, if they have any. If they don't, I'll have to get a coffeemaker for my room."

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) "Oh cool! I'm a singer and an athlete. Just wanted to know if any of you might be in some classes of mine." Nicki smiled.

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) Nicki added, "Ooh I'll second that for the coffeemaker." She nudged Rose. "We should totally get one for our room."

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literariel | 763 comments Kat walked in, stomach rumbling, but so not in the mood to eat. She ruffled her hair, pushed it to one side and looked around for someone whom she recognized.

message 25: by Emma (new)

Emma Kayla: "Cool! Fliss, do you come from a family of deep sleepers?" I ask.

message 26: by Emma (new)

Emma kayla: "Oh, you like coffee too? High five!" I say, holding my palm out towards Nicki.

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) Nicki high-fived Kayla. "God I'm so tired right now. I NEVER get up this early."

message 28: by Rachel (new)

Rachel "Random question, my mum's a heavy sleeper but my dad isn't. Why?"

message 29: by Emma (new)

Emma Kayla: "I'm a really light sleeper. Fliss woke me up. I'll have to add earplugs to my shopping list."

message 30: by Rachel (new)

Rachel "Oh I am so sorry. I always get up really early. I'll try be more quiet in future."

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Emma Kayla: "it's okay."

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) Nicki started humming. "Shouldn't people be here by now?"

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Emma Kayla: "it's like, not even 7. Why would anybody be up?"

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literariel | 763 comments Kat heard the comment and made her way over. She pulled up a chair and sat down in it. "I'm pretty sure I qualify as people."

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) "Well," she started. "Breakfast starts in half an hour."

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Rachel "How long till we get to eat I'm starving!" Fliss heard her stomach rumble again as if to prove her point.

message 37: by Rachel (new)

Rachel "You feeling better Kat?" Fliss asked remembering she had met her when she first met Ally. Kat had come in not feeling to bright.

message 38: by literariel (new)

literariel | 763 comments "Oh, I'm feeling better, thanks for asking, I came home sober last night, which is pretty damn rare for me," Kat answered.

message 39: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Fliss didn't know how to answer. She had never tasted alcohol in her life. So she knew nothing about the experience of being drunk.

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) Nicki laughed. "Tell me about it."

message 41: by Emma (new)

Emma Kayla: "well, you had the beer at the dorm, at least."

message 42: by literariel (new)

literariel | 763 comments "You drink?" Kat asked Nicki, wondering if she was a hardcore alcoholic like herself.

message 43: by Rachel (new)

Rachel "How long 'till we get food?!" Fliss's stomach gave another rumble. "I'm starving!"

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) Nicole wondered if Rowan would show up at all today. It had been a while since she had seen him. "Well hey, at least none of us look drunk right now... Wouldn't want to get that kind of reputation on the first day."

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) Nicki looked at Kat. "Yeah, sometimes. It's not like an addiction though, just helps me get through my joke of a life."

message 46: by Emma (new)

Emma Kayla: "of course. The drug addict rep is much better." I joke.

message 47: by Rachel (new)

Rachel "Ugh! Reputation! What a hideous word!" Fliss commented.

message 48: by literariel (new)

literariel | 763 comments "Oh, yeah, I never meant for myself to become an addict. Yet, it happened, nonetheless."

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) "Yeah? It seems like you handle it pretty well though."

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literariel | 763 comments "Yep. That's one of the many joys of being me."

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