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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ The store where you can get many of your daily needs.

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Melissa skipped into Target, singing a soft tune that's been stuck in her head just about all day. "If you're the bird, whenever we pretend it's summer. Then I'm the worm, I know the part, it's such a bummer." She wasn't even a huge fan of Owl City, but it was playing on the radio that morning that it just managed to get stuck in her head, unfortunately. A few employees threw strange looks her way as she twirled around a few times as she made her way to the food section of the store. She was there simply for some candy and nothing else. They were out of chocolate at home, and that simply would not do, especially for a girl like Melissa who depended on sugar to get her through the day. Did she really need the sugar? Not really. But that didn't matter. All that mattered is that Mel wanted sugar, and nothing got in the way when she wanted something. End of story. "But fair is fair. If my segments get separated, I'll scream. And you'll be thereeee."

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Standing in front of the Candy, Wesley again glanced at his list. He couldn't believe he was actually here right now. His sister though... she was a hard one to say no to. All she had to do was bat her little lashes and here he was, buying her candy at this time in the night. He still hadn't objected though, so it wasn't like he could whine about it. Not that he intended to whine... it was just the principle.

Wes walked down the isle slowly, eyes wandering over all of the different brands and types before him. To his immense irritation, he found himself wondering what kind of candy Violet liked. Ignoring his intellectual side, he decided to ask her next time they talked. Which, if she read the money, would be soon.

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Melissa skipped into the candy aisle, still singing even if there was someone else there. She recognized Wesley, but didn't say anything right away since she mid-lyric. Though as she skipped past him to the part of the aisle where all the ginormous candy bars were stored, she said, "Hi Wes!" She did one last twirl before coming to a stop in front of the candy bars, where she stood with her finger on her chin as she looked over the many different types of chocolate bars. There was dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate bars with nuts, some with raisins, some with a mix, and white chocolate bars, and so many more variations--some coming in different shapes as well! Oh how was a girl supposed to choose? Looking over at Wesley, she smiled a little, looking no more than a small child, Melissa asked, "What brings you here this late at night?"

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Wesley glanced at her for only a moment before looking back to the candy, uninterested. It wasn't uncommon for people to talk to Wesley when they ran into him outside of Salem... but it was fairly rare for him to acknowledge them in a way that would lead them to believe he enjoyed their presence. "Ashley." he answered, taking a step to the side as a new type of sweet tarts caught his attention. As if he expected her to know what that meant.

He never looked at Mel when he replied to her and his tone hadn't exactly been polite. But that didn't mean he didn't like Melissa... he just wasn't about to show her he just might. Wes has always been funny like that. People were his forte--but he continuously convinced them otherwise.

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Melissa wasn't hurt by Wesley's lack of--well--everything towards her. In fact she didn't really expect much of a response from him because this wasn't the first time she has bumped into him--she seemed generate the same reaction/response out of him in and out of school. She wasn't particularly attached him or attracted to him, so nothing was ever lost or gained during these brief meetings. "Who's Ashley?" she asked, knowing little to nothing about this boy. She was simply asking out of curiosity, but didn't expect much of an answer. Maybe two words. She guessed it was someone related to him, but maybe he has a girlfriend named Ashley. Mel wouldn't know, they've never really spoken much before, which was a shame because Melissa always enjoyed learning things about people. Making friends? Not so much, but learning things was always fun. At least when it's not related to school.

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You would think some people would take hints, but of course, they didn't. Especially not Mel. Wesley looked over at her, his eyebrows raised at a slight angle. Or maybe she did take a hint... she just choose to ignore it. By the way she choose to carry on the conversation, he couldn't really be sure. It didn't really matter to him very much--he didn't have to be nice regardless, that's the way he saw it at least. That was probably the reason he didn't have friends. That, and he didn't want them. He had all he needed within the Brotherhood... and you know, Violet. Whom was a rather interesting case. "Ashley is my little sister." he responded eventually, dragging the words out slowly as he picked up a couple different bags of candy. "See you around." he added, walking away now that he had what he'd come for.

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