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message 1: by Ms. Flagg (new)

Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 11 comments Mod
Review the class’s definitions of community . On the paper you received in class, underline the important words/phrases in each.

Which definition do you think it is best? You do NOT have to pick your own. Please write your response like your research essay's body paragraphs, meaning you need to include two reasons why you liked the definition and explain your opinion.

In order to receive full credit, you should follow the checklist below:

◊ Does my topic sentence restate and answer the question?
◊ Did I include at least two examples that support my opinion?
◊ Did I use transition words to introduce each example? (One example….)
◊ Did I provide details to better explain my examples?
◊ Did I explain how my details prove my idea?

In case you lost them, here are the definitions:

Class Definitions:

1.) A group of people that share an environment and have common interests and goals.

2.) A group of people who live and work together and interact.

3.) A group that interacts and shares an environment.

4.) A group of interacting people living in a shared environment that depend on each other and have similar interests.

5.) A group of people who communicate positively and share common interests.

6.) A group of interdependent people inhabiting the same environment and who share common interests and beliefs.

7.) A group of people who share similar goals and live in an area where they have to interact each other

message 2: by Trinity (new)

Trinity Burgos | 12 comments The definition of community I like the most would be '' A group of interpendent people inhabiting the same enviornment and who share common interests and beliefs. One of thr reasons why I like this definition the most, is because most of these communities involve these things and it generalizes the whole meaning of community. Like for example, sharing common interests. most communities have that kind of relationship with each other liking keeping the community safe, and helping certain people, Or helping the community with fund issues and other issues most communities have. Another reason why I like this definition of community is because it involves most common activities of the community like having common beliefs. For example, like having certain religions like christianity and others which is most common in a community.

message 3: by Matthew (new)

Matthew | 11 comments I think the best definition for community is number two, common ownership: "they share a community of possessions." In my opinion community means to live together, to work together and to be kind to each other. For example a community has to be nice to each other or the commuity will fall apart. If a community is working together the group would be successful and not have problems. Also a community would have to live close to each other. If lots of people lived far from each other it would not be a community.

Another example of a good community is number five, a group of interdependent (rely on each other for survival) people inhaviting the same region. If different people got together and shared ideas they would get along more, and not get into lots of fights and arguments. Also sharing ideas can lead to good team work. When their is a problem in the community people can get together to share ideas to fix the problem. This can lead to less problems happening.

message 4: by Elva (new)

Elva C. | 13 comments The best definition for community would be, "A group of people who share similar goals and live in an area where they have to interact each other." One example of why I believe that this definition would fit the word community the best is, in a community, such as a classroom, our goals are similar, such as we all want to pass the grade, or to learn more, or even improve on something. This can form a community because there are people who have the same, or similar goals. Another example is when we interact with each other. In order for a community to be successful, we have to interact with other people for us to meet our goals such as, helping each other, or communicating with other people. In addition, we all live in a community in which we communicate with each other. One example is, when we order food from a restaurant. A person's goal might be to eat something, and they have to communicate with the waitress to order the food to complete their goal of eating their food.

message 5: by Jevel (new)

Jevel Gilbert | 2 comments I believe that the definition of community is " A group of people who live and work together and interact". One reason that I chose this definition is because people who are independent are working hard for their community so that other people who can't help themselves can get support. Also, people can help there people by creating new materials to make the community system working. Another reason why I chose this definition is because it showsthat people could work together. Lastly, I chose this because the community system must work by people working harder.

message 6: by Ben (new)

Ben Friedman | 7 comments Ben Friedman
I choose quote number one, because many of the other quotes stated that the [people dwelled within the same area while that is correct in some cases. A basketball team is a community but that’s does not inplie that they are all living in the same area. In addition I choose quote one due to its specificness twodrds the topic.

message 7: by Jack (new)

Jack Brill | 12 comments I chose definition #1 "a group of people that share and environment and have common interests and goals." I chose the as the best definition because in my opinion you can't really define "community" better than that and it has all the parts that would describe or make up a community. Therefore definition #1 is the best definition for the word "community."

message 8: by Mark (new)

Mark | 5 comments I choose definition nuber four "A group of interacting people living in a shared environment that depend on each other and have similar interests. I really liked this one because it explained a group of people that interact and to me interacting is a big thing in community also definition nuber four also mentioned people depiding of each other and having similar interest. In a community people depend on others to contribute and help out the community and i liked that also the part about sharing similar goals is a big this in communites and i really think that definftion nuber four was the better definition.

message 9: by Justin (new)

Justin Yu | 10 comments The definition I think works best for community is a mix of 2 and 3. I say this because most people in a community usually share the same interest. When people share the same interest, they usually start a collaboration or group project. This then makes a common goal for all of them. One example is a youtube video called The Bannedstory Collab features five maplestory animators join together and create a collab. This is showing that they weree in a community of the same interest and were able to make a big thing out of it.

message 10: by Monica (new)

Monica | 14 comments The word, communities can be used in many different ways. From these definitions listed above, the defintion that best suits it is a combination of number 6 and number 2. Number 2 summarizes the idea of a group of people that live and interact with each other. Number 6 demonstrates the idea of a group of people living together in the same environment that share common interess and beliefs. This is important, since for people to get along and make friends, they have to show alike interests and they have to talk to each other to get to know each other a lot more. However, without communicating, the community would be a very peaceful place. For instance, examples of communities are school life, special acts of services, animals in the wild, and etc. Therefore, in my opinion, communities need a little spark in them like interacting and finding common interests amongst one another to form.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

There are many communities around the world and there are also many types. What makes a community? I think the best definition for community is number four. All of the definitions are almost exactly the same and fall into the same idea, but I think number four is the best because it supports all the other good definitions. Communities must be interaction between people so they can talk some ideas out in the community. Communities also need people that have similar interests because if one has a different interest, the one can't connect with the community to do one good decision. Shared environment is also needed because a place will be needed for the group of people. For example, an afterschool art program. The art program must have the members communicating, all interest in art, and a class for them to shared and work in. All these requirements of a good community is in number four. Definition number four is a group or INTERACTING people living in a SHARED ENVIRONMENT that depend on each other and have similar INTERESTS. Overall, I think definition number four is the best to describe community.

message 12: by Melanie (new)

Melanie M. (MissMello) | 6 comments Community can mean many different things. Communities are basically just a group of people living in a particular area or neighborhood. There are many different types of communities such as Neighborhood Communities who interact with each other and try making the area a better place. You have school communities who try an catch up on things that teachers are doing & to talk about how to make the school also a better place because there might be bullying or something bad going on. I could go on and on about what different types of communities are there and what they do but basically to make a long story short community's are a group of people living in a local area who gather & interact and talk about what ever the topic is.

message 13: by Ramsey (new)

Ramsey (TheRamsey3000) | 4 comments The definition "a group of interacting people living in a shared environment that depend in each other and have similar interests" is the best definition for community because it merges all the reasons and it is the most specific and detailed. One example why I like that definition of community is that it merges all the reasons. This definition includes many different ideas about community and puts them together to form a big definition. For example it makes the definition more in depth and that makes it easier to understand and expand the word. This is one reason why I like that definition. Another reason why I liked the definition is that since it includes many definitions it is very detailed and thought through. For example if something only has a main subject like "I like candy" and isn't more specific in detail you aren't gonna know what type of candy and the statement will be pointless and I think that because of that it is the best definition. In conclusion, these are the two reasons why I picked that definition as the best definition for community.

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