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Differences between Book and Movie

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Yianna Yiannacou Movies have a way of destroying books for me but I have a feeling this one will be good. What do you think?

Rachel I'm not sure. I'm worried how the movie is going to show the conflict between Wanderer and Melanie, since almost all of the dialogue (and conflict) between the two of them happens inside their head. If they have the actress playing Melanie speak out loud the arguments for both Melanie and Wanderer, I think it would detract from the movie, but I'm not so sure how well voice overs would work either. Hopefully future trailers will give a better idea of how the movie will be, but until the movie is actually released, I'm going to try and withhold judgement and not get my hopes up too much.

Yianna Yiannacou That's true since we hear Melanie in her head speaking most of the time. You just brought that to my attention... Hmmm... I wonder. I hope they don't do something cheesy

Jocelyn Guys,i don't know about you, but i'm already a teeny bit skeptical about the casting. In my mind Melanie looked a little more tough, and a lot prettier. The guy on the right, who i'm assuming is Jared, looks too young to play him. Also, Ian should look a lot cuter(assuming he is the guy on the left.)

Yianna Yiannacou Haha I didn't like casting this girl as Melanie, but what's done is done. I thought Melanie to be older and more mature, but ya never know with actors these days. They can blow us away with their acting skills. I thought Jared was going to be cuter to be honest and yes he is the one of the left. The one on the right is the one that falls in love with the alien in melanie

Jocelyn I guess your right. Hey, i'll give one similarity between the book and movie: from what i've seen in the trailer, they kiss just as much in both.

Yianna Yiannacou haHAAH yAY

Jocelyn You know it's true! Come on! Don't laugh, agree with me!

Rachel I've seen Jake Abel act in some other movies/shows, and I think he'll do well as Ian. I'm worried about how/if Jared's hatred of Wanderer will be shown in the movie, or if the movie will play up the love triangle.

Yianna Yiannacou Only time will tell.... Can't wait!

Jocelyn I just hope that the parts they do put in the movie, are presented exactly as they are in the book.I've accepted that they aren't exactly going to follow the script, but i hope it's pretty close.

Amber Markham Watching the trailers so far, I've been struggling with them pushing the Melanie/Jared story moreso than the Wanda/Ian story or even Wanderer's own internal conflict and how she learns about love and in turn, grows to love this planet and it's people.

The book, in large part is about Wanda. Not Melanie, not Jared, not Ian, but Wanda. And I feel like the previews I've seen so far are push push pushing the romance aspect, trying to make it into another Twilight, Team #1 versus Team #2 mess.

I hope and I pray it isn't actually like that when I go see it in theaters, because it would crush me. However, we'll see. I saw a different preview within this last week that reignited my hope!

I know a movie will never follow a book 100% but when they twist it's original intention to make more of those lovely dollars, it makes me weep.

Mairead I hope they don't make it more about the love triangle. I do think they need the love triangle as in the book but I the author get it right in the book but I see it not working if more emphasis is put on it in the movie

Yianna Yiannacou I think Amber said it all. Another true thing to take into consideration. If it's like twilight, I may have to shoot myself

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Mary It really is Wanda-centric so I hope they try to get in her head. I love her relationship with Melanie too so I hope they have a good way to showcase that.

Savannah Honestly, I am a tad excited about this movie, only because Stephenie Meyer's story telling was superb for Dystopian/Sci-Fi. My main concern is the back and forth conversing and struggles between Wanderer and Melanie. I think once again, Stephenie Meyer is going to conquer the silver screen, lol. But at least this time, with a story almost anyone can enjoy. I am looking forward to seeing this movie.

Celise I think the actors are too young. To me it looks like they're going to try to turn it into a film geared towards teens, though the book is shelved in the adult section of book stores and is more mature in writing than Meyer's other writing. I see ads for this movie only before teen movies like Beautiful Creatures, and that worries me!

Yianna Yiannacou I know 100% the story line is to draw teens in. I wish the characters were more adultlike as well. But there is nothing we can do about that. This has been transformed into a teen love story......... Yawn

Celise Adding to what I said, I do like Jake Abel. He was in Supernatural and he is a talented actor.

Christina PERSONALLY I LOVE THE CASTING FOR THIS MOVIE. Saorise Ronana is an AMAZING actress. And for all those who thought she wasn't kick butt enough, see the movie "Hanna" that'll change your mind right quick. Saorise Roanna is one of the best, prettiest, and most bad ass actresses out there. I like Jake Abel (guy on right) as Ian and Max Irons (guy on left) as Jared. Ive seen like all of the 5 trailers like 5 times each. and the behind the scene trailers. And this movie looks amazing. I know that in the book their was a lot less shooting and action scene but they had to make the movie interesting to the audience other wise people wouldn't like it.
And yes the actors are younger then they are in the books. but thats not a big thing to me. Is the acting and script writing is good Im happy. and a lll 3 of those actors are awesome.
Stephanie Meyer said she was worried about how Melanie and Wanda were going to communicate with each other int he movie but she said that she as very pleased with the way they did it. Melanie's voice is going to be out loud but its as if its projected from Wanda's mind. Which I think is cool. But I understand why some of you are worried.

Rachel Stephanie Meyer said in an interview that the character Walter, is not going to be in the movie.


Yianna Yiannacou Who is Walter? (Refresh my memory) LOL

message 23: by Mairead (last edited Mar 16, 2013 08:47AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mairead Walter was the lovely old man who had cancer but there was nothing Doc could do about it, so he was dying. When he was dying he thought Wanda was his dead wife and Wanda played along and barley left his side till he died :(

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Joy It has been awhile since I read the book so it will be easier to not compare the two.

Yianna Yiannacou o0o0o0o.... I remember now. Aw. Poor Walter. Waytta cut him out.
Joy, maybe you should re-read, like I am

Celise I'm not rereading that way I cant be too disappointed if it's different.

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