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Jackie Throwbacks

1. (A) The Sisterhood of Blackberry Corner by Andrea Smith Andrea Smith - The Sisterhood of Blackberry Corner (2007/read April 4)
2. (B) Shifting Through Neutral by Bridgett M. Davis Bridgett M Davis - Shifting Through Neutral (2004/read Mar 25)
3. (W) Jubilee by Margaret Walker Margaret Walker - Jubilee (1966/Read June 19)
4. (L) The Sport of the Gods by Paul Laurence Dunbar Paul Laurence Dunbar - The Sport of the Gods (1908/read Mar 12th)
5. (N) One Prayer Away by Kendra Norman-Bellamy Kendra Norman-Bellamy - One Prayer Away (2006/read May 13)
6. (O) Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree Omar Tyree - Flyy Girl (2001/read May 11)
7. (P) Babylon Sisters by Pearl Cleage Pearl Cleage - Babylon Sisters (2006/read June 4)
8. (R) If It Ain't One Thing by Cheryl Robinson Cheryl Robinson - If it Ain't One Thing (2005/read June 24)
9. (S) Lil Mama's Rules by Sheneska Jackson Sheneska Jackson - Lil' Mama's Rules (1997/read Dec 11)
10.(Z) Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston Zora Neal Hurston - Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937/Read Mar 18)
11.(C) Some Soul to Keep by J. California Cooper J California Cooper - Some Soul to Keep (1987/read Mar 27)
12.(Y) The Hatwearer's Lesson by Yolanda Joe Yolanda Joe - The Hatwearer's Lesson (2003/read Apr 23)

1. (D) Perfect Peace by Daniel Black Daniel Black - Perfect Peace (2010/read Mar 29)
2. (E) 32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter Ernessa T Carter - 32 Candles (2010/read Apr 15)
3. (G) In Laws and Play Cousins Growing Pains, Promiscuity, Success and Murder by Robyn R. Gant Robyn Gant - In Laws and Play Cousins (2010/read May 3)
4. (H) The Girl Who Fell from the Sky by Heidi W. Durrow Heidi W Durrow - The Girl Who Fell from the Sky (2010/read Apr 21)
5. (M) Song Yet Sung by James McBride James McBride - Song Yet Sung (2008/read May 31)
6. (Q) An Angry-Ass Black Woman by Karen E. Quinones Miller Karen E Quinones Miller - An Angry Ass Black Woman (2012/read Mar 21)
7. (X) God Only Knows by Xavier Knight Xavier Knight - God Only Knows (2009/read April 28)

1. (F) The Art of Endings by Nia Forrester Nia Forrester - The Art of Endings (Read July 2)
2. (J) A Brother's Honor by Brenda Jackson Brenda Jackson - A Brother's Honor: The Grangers(read July 16)
3. (K) The Snow's Meltdown by Marita L. Kinney Marita L. Kinney - The Snow's Meltdown (read March)
4. (T) Little Sister (Cleo’s Story – a companion novel to Been So Long) by Adrienne Thompson Adrienne Thompson - Little Sister (Read Mar 25)
5. (V) Tears Fall at Night - (Book 1 - Praise Him Anyhow Series) by Vanessa Miller Vanessa Miller - Tears Fall at Night (read Aug 14)
6. (U) Revengeful Deceptions by Ursula Dukes Ursula Dukes - Revengeful Deceptions (read Nov 24)
7. (I) The Pendleton Rule by Iris Bolling Iris Bolling - The Pendleton Rule (read Dec 6)

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Jackie I am at the half way point. This has been great!

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Jackie Finished my last book this morning :)

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