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message 1: by Petunia (new)

Petunia does anyone detect union bias?

Rachel I have to say that personally I didn't feel that way. You do have to remember, this takes place in Gettysburg, PA so it would be understandable if it seems that the union is favored. I'm sure if the setting for it were switched, so to would be the bias. It stands to reason.

message 3: by Petunia (new)

Petunia In that case. the viewpoint would change. What I mean by 'bias' is an unwritten assumption on the part of the author, not the characters--but no one else picked up on that.

Kristina Seleshanko I don't really understand the question. Aren't most Americans biased for the Union?

message 5: by Petunia (new)

Petunia We are biased in favor of those who supported freedom and grateful that the Union survived. But Union soldiers were on average no better or worse than Confederate soldiers--in fact, many were brothers.

Kristina Seleshanko Then, no; I did not detect that "bias."

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