Dirty (Dan and Elle, #1) Dirty question

its worth reading
Sönïa Dhillion Sönïa Mar 12, 2013 03:53AM
Dirty is a excellent book what I found different and great was that the role reversal I mean in nearly all romantic novels the guy is the one who needs support emotionally and unconditional love, non judgemental support from the girl who is the supporter but here its other way round thats what I like I know women can handle themselves but that doesn't mean that they should always be the supporter we need support to and please don't take this the wrong way am not saying we women are vulnerable am saying we might want some support even though we are independent elle and Chad story relating to Andrew touch my heart I could easily understand why she felt like that how would you feel if the individual u love the most who protect u taught u things tought u to dream is the one who turns into a monster its extremely hard elle blamed herself because he was her bro and the things her mum said left scars so yes I understand but I really hated that bitch overall I loved this book it is in the top after crossfire series, siren series so o give this book full marks

I totally loved this book too. It is my favorite of all the Harts' books.

Agatha Tempted also has a little bonus book like dirty does, but I haven't read the bonus books...yet. Definitely on my list. ...more
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Sönïa Dhillion I haven't read tempted but by reading previews of the book and other books continuing the story I realized it start with the married couple and ends w ...more
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Yes agree. I really like how non-clichee it was.

I loved this book, it was just beautiful - one that you think about a long while after you've finished it.

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