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despertly want a sequel of it,don't you?
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Walk to remeber is a grt book.In fact i read it thrice.would't all book lovers want a sequel to this book continuing jamie and landon love story...i think jamie lives becuse he says miracle happened

No Sequel please. It was a good ending. Some people like to think Jamie lived and some people like to think that she died.
By writing a sequel Sparks' would totally take away the choise and impact the book had.

Sometimes things just have to stay the way they are

Kristen Doesn't the book say she died like a month or something after the wedding?
Why would people think she lived?
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How could they possibly continue Jamie and Landon's love story?

they can. but they shouldn't... they'll kill every good memory of 'A Walk To Remember' by making a sequel. The story won't have the same essence

Jassy Jay I agree.
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Seriously how is that even possible? She died in the end, there's kind of nothing to continue.

no it is good the way it is

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