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Confused by the ending (spoiler)

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Lynn What was the Significance of the hidden knife with the broken tip at the very end? Was it from using as a screwdriver, or was something more sinister implied?

Llwells Yes remember how the scumbag boss man security guard died????

Lynn No....I was listening to an audio Guess I will have to find the book and look it up. Was it a legit killing, or is she hiding a murder?

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Llwells Hiding, in my opinion you missed something kinda important.

Shari I just finished this book and thought it meant that Lena DID kill her boss and hid the knife. A different knife was found by police that they thought was Lena's.

Marla She killed her boss. They found a tip of the knife in his body, and her knife was missing the tip.

Rhian agree with shari and marla i only finished this book last night

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Eva That's how I understood, Lena killed Chuck.

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Brenda Sampson But didn’t Richard confess to her that he did it?

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Duanté Browne That's what I was thinking brenda

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Duanté Browne I'm so confused

message 12: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Wilkinson Richard didn’t confess to killing Chuck. Lena implied to Jeffrey that he did.

Alexa Louise You have to love Lena Adams! Guilty as hell tho.

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Ginger Carpenter I’m assuming that is why Lena and Ethan were so beat up?!? They killed Chuck the boss!

Amanda I’m confused too. Frank and Jeff found Lena’s knife with an intact tip, so they assumed she didn’t do it. It had her bloody fingerprints on it from when she cut herself, so what knife did she use? Ethan and Lena were beat up because they beat each other up during some psychotic love charade. Now, I relistened and Richard definitely didn’t confess to killing chuck. I think he knew Lena did. But.. I cannot find where Lena told Jeffrey anything about the murder of chuck. I have to listen again!

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