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Hi. Do you like horses?

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Yay!!! Can we do something like a horse rp? Where instead of rping people we rp as two wild horses that gallop over the vast plains of the west

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yeah:P that sounds cool!

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:D ok but we will have them talk so we can communicate. We should do two mares that meet when one stays with a dead foal instead of rejoining her ban

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okay:D so should we just have them talk like humans?

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Ok I'll start. Btw I changed my pic

Elektra whinnied once more, nudging the now dead foal laying limp in the grass at her hooves

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Aiko heard something and ran over to the dead foal.

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She looked at the lone mare wairily. "It has to be a trick" she whinnied softly to herself

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"what happened?"Aiko looked down at the foal.

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"He was sick" she says and starts walking away.

(I'm goin to rp this in first person if that's ok)

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Aiko shook her head nudging him.

(lolz its fine)

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I make a grunging sound to the mare "where`s your herd?" I ask ceriously "he's already dead"

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She looked up,"i am not sure, probably not far from here."

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"I left mine. Wanna stick togeather?" I ask. I paw the ground, eger to get going

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"sure."she said

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"Come on!" I say and start trotting

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She trots after her.


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"What's your name? I'm elektra"

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"Aiko."she answered

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I give a nicker and break into a trot

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Aiko trotted quickly.

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I break into an eger canter, unaware of the prowling bachlor stallion that has his eyes on me

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Aiko trotted next to her.

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I keep going, breaking into a gallop but being taken to a ban with the young stallion

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Aiko watches her and the Stallion

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I whinny loudly

(So what I have planned is that she has a foal and leaves to find akio)

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Aiko trotted.

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(Wanna skip?)

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I whinny at you, finaly having found you, a jet black foal walking by my side

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Aiko looks at the foal confused.

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"This is rain." I nicker as the black filly lies at my feet, glad to rest

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Aiko asks,"were...what?"

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"I was stollen by a bachlor stallion the day we met. When I had her was the only time he would let me go." I explain

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"oh..."Aiko was still a bit confused

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I sigh and nudge my sleeping baby

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Aiko looks at the baby.

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"You look like you've never seen a foal before" I snort

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"i have..i am just surprised."

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"Why is that" I ask as I watch a human wairly

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"i dont know."

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I snort and nudge my filly to wake her up

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Aiko watches

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The filly stands and starts galloping, having fun and kicking up her heels

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Aiko watches the filly with interest.

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I watch as the filly plays

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