The Perks of Being a Wallflower The Perks of Being a Wallflower question

What message do you think the author is trying to send and why?

First of all, I would say that every person sees in the book a different message according to his/her own experience, history, background etc.
In my opinion one of the main themes is that kids should learn to become protagonist of their life,make their own experiences; being a "wallflower" (meaning someone who always watches without actively take part to anything) can be safer but in the end you will have wasted your live without actually doing what you want to do.

Thats a though one, because the book is so very complex. So many bad things happen to so many good people. But that didn't made them bad people. (Aunt Helen became a bad person. Sam and Charlie didn't.) So it shows us, that we decide. "We accept the love we think we deserve". So accept yourself and love yourself. Than you will be okay. Thats what Sam learnt. And Charlie. And Charlies sister. And when they started to accept that, they slowly got to a better place. Poor aunt Helen never leant that.

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I think that a major theme is that we cannot always control where we come from or what happens to us, but we can control where we go from there. Aunt Helen was molested as a child and she ended up molesting Charlie. She let the negative things in her life turn her into a bad person. And that story about the two brothers with an alcoholic father and one became alcoholic but the other was successful. That was the biggest message I got from the book

You're more than a disorder or a trauma or an experience. Sometimes, no matter how strong we pretend we are and how normal we try to be - we need a connection with people to learn how to mend past pain. Charlie had been abused, emotionally manipulated, and even felt guilty about her death. I think he needed to learn that there were people out there who knew he wasn't normal and that was okay, because he was moving forward. It's really what we're all doing, searching for answers, healing pain, and living each day.

That we should understand everyone... all the people have a past that maybe they are running from, everyone is molded and is being shaped based on his past experiences. Instead of judging people, we should instead help them in moving forward, we should understand their past and not judge them based on what we see in them now. and I think that is the message that the book wants to convey.

its saying that be yourself and that teens are mostly always confuse and to know that everything would be great at the end

I always felt that the meaning was to make the most of your younger years, to tackle any insecurities and bring the ugliness to light so you can move forward.

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