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Dls | 2066 comments Mod
I am posting this scene because I just can't forget it. Don't be mislead by the "demon"--its rhetorical.

Then Hero had wished her a polite good night and bid the housekeeper show her to a room. Since the carriage with Fanny hadn't yet appeared, Heroine had the bedroom to herself. In her room was a small connecting door, and she had grave suspicions about it. The bedroom was far too grand to be simply a guest bedroom. He couldn't have put her in the countess' suite, could he? He wouldn't dare.

She sighed. Actually, he would.

The clock on the mantel had already chimed the one o'clock hour. Surely if Hero was coming to her he would have done so before now? Not that it would do him any good to try her doors. She'd locked both.

Steady masculine footsteps thumped up the stairs.

She stilled like a hare overshadowed by a bird of prey. She looked at the hall door. The foot steps drew near, the tread slowing as it reached her door. They stopped.

All of her being focused on the doorknob.

There was a pause, and then the footsteps resumed. A door farther down the hall opened and shut. Heroine flopped back on her pillows. Naturally she was relieved at this turn of events. Very, very relieved. Wouldn't any proper lady be relieved to find that she wasn't going to be ravished by a demon earl?

She was debating how a proper lady would present herself at a demon earl's bedroom for ravishment wen the lock on the connecting door snicked open. Hero sauntered in holding a key and two glasses.

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Oh! This sounds good! :) I haven't read it.

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“I thought you might like to share my brandy?” He gestured with the glasses.

“I, um . . .” Heroine paused to clear her throat. “I don’t care for brandy.”

He held the glasses up for a moment longer before lowering them. “No? Well—”

“But you are welcome to drink it here.” Heroine’s words collided with Hero’s. He stared at her silently.

“With me, I mean.” She could feel her cheeks heating.

Hero turned his back, and for a ghastly moment, Heroine thought he would leave after all. But he put the glasses down on a table, faced her again, and began removing his cravat. “Actually, I didn’t come for a nightcap.”

Her breath caught. He tossed the cravat on a chair and pulled his shirt off over his head. Her eyes immediately fixed on his bare chest.

He looked at her. “No comment? I think this may be a first.”

This author never disappoints...

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Susan (susaninaz) | 993 comments I liked that book as well.

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Okie (okieb) | 2053 comments Mod
Looks like my comment from earlier did not post- I've not read this one but it sounds very interesting.

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Amber | 161 comments Ooo, this sounds good, I'd be really interesting in knowing who wrote it, because I'd very much like to read it.

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June I think you have wrong book but right author.

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June (ladyjune) | 146 comments See sorry everyone, they suppose to be in other thread,..I don't know why I posted it here. Sorry guys

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Dls | 2066 comments Mod
It's the Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

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Phoenix77 | 346 comments Darn it. I had the right series, but wrong book. I was thinking it was Serpent Prince.

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Monica | 548 comments Mod
Sounds great! I'll have to get it!!

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