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You've read Matched, so who do you prefer... Ky or Xander?

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Racheal Sunshine I can't decide who to like more!?! Their both amazing, mysterious, cute, sweet, etc...gah! <3

Bianca After I read Matched I preferred Ky to the extreme. XD But after I finished the other books...Xander grew on me so much. I gotta say Xander and Ky are both equally amazing.

Tina J I agree, they're both great!
I've been back and forth constantly, trying to decide who I prefer. One minute it'll be Xander and the next, it'll be Ky.
I'm just glad they both got a happy ending!

Nicole Just finished Matched yesterday. And I guess I prefer Ky. Maybe because he's such a mystery.

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Tas I'm the opposite, when I was reading Matched I prefered Xander, I just couldn't connect with Ky because he was too much of a mystery.

Racheal Sunshine Tina J wrote: "I agree, they're both great!
I've been back and forth constantly, trying to decide who I prefer. One minute it'll be Xander and the next, it'll be Ky.
I'm just glad they both got a happy ending!"

Me too! I love both, too hard to decide on one. I think i might be able to choose once i get Reached...but then again maybe not! lol <3

Tina J I've read Reached and I still can't decide who's better! lol

Tcoco Just finished matched and well im undecided!:S Going to start cross and see how I feel...i am totally hooked on the trilogy *_*

Ellen ONLY read Matched, not the rest of the series. And I have to say, while Ky is all *oooOOoOOo mysteries is sorta sexy and whateverrr**, I have to say I prefer Xander. As someone who is currently engaged to someone who was my best friend for years, I can definitely relate to the fact that Xander and Cassia were wicked close friends for seemingly forever.

Ilana i think that i appreciated Ky a lot more. i feel like Xander is the good boy, the one that is the 'golden one' so to speak and that you didn't expect him to do anything that wasn't following rules or the sort. Ky had this past that no one knew about and his family had all this craziness going on that was also a bit of a mystery.

while ky was resigned to his position, he was really smart and knew what he needed to do in order to get by and survive. Xander on the other hand, in Matched, i don't think that we're given the perception that he's ever had it that rough and therefore was expecting the results that he got every time he did something.

i feel like as i read the trilogy too, my ideals were substantiated and i think that i can continue to be team Ky. You'll see how the characters are developed further in the coming books based on situations that each has to face.

Jessica I don't know!! I'm really bad at choosing between two things, especially when they're both so good! Xander is Cassia's best friend and he's awesome, but Ky is such a mystery that I just want to know more about him whenever possible.

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Inda Without a doubt Ky.

Kaeri I adore Ky and I think he's the perfect match for Cassia. BUT, I think Xander will be a better match for me.

Maddie Gard I read all the books, and I have to say I would choose Xander.

Ky kept getting Cassia into trouble and it got old after a while...

Claudia At first I REALLY wanted to like Ky but he just annoyed me by the third book. Xander <3

Refan kyyyyy <33333 but i might change my mind after i read the other 2 books in the series.
really excited to read them~

Yazmin Xander :D I have only read matched, and got bored whenever they were in the mountain thing(Ky) >.< Xander parts were more interesting and romantic <3

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Vin Ky... I have read all three books and I love his character!!!

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MJ When I was reading Matched I prefered Ky, but now that I've read Crossed, I can say without a doubt it's Xander.

Sejal i dont know i felt like ky was a great match for cassia but xander was always a better person in my point of view but cassia and xander just cant be together

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Malory Savoie Ky

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Iman Xander, he is so sweet.

Addie Xander all the f**king way!!!!

Madison I would pick KY!!!!!!!!!

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