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OP=troll. Not even a good one. 'Little Prince' (1943) pre-dates the 'Heaven's Gate' religious cult (which originated in the early 1970s)

And it also pre-dates the 'Heaven's Gate' movie (late 70s) too, just in case you were thinking of tossing that in.

You can't rip off something which hasn't even occurred yet.

Pretty sure this poster is, at best, illiterate and, at worst, a troll. No one has to love a particular book, of course, but the premise for her hostile rant is absurd and an attack on everyone who does not see the book from her paranoid and seriously aberrant POV.

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Charlie Coil The story has long been thought of as a kind of Christian allegory. The little prince is God's son who gives ...more
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I honestly think this is one of the worst books I ever read, but this is just my taste. I found it fake in every possible term and I cannot understand why people dream so much around this book. Again, it is just my personal opinion and obviously, in conclusion, not my kind of story/book.

Have you at least read the book? or are you just making your argument based in a puppet show?

I guess you're free to like or dislike any book, but you need to learn that not every book is meant to be read literally.
I'm a screwed in the head.

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V wrote: "Are you all so stupid that you can't see that this story is a rip-off of the "Heaven's Gate" cult? A bunch of idiots killed themselves because they thought that they transcend themselves to a space..."

I don't know if this has been pointed out by anyone but this book was first published in 1943. The Heaven's Gate cult wasn't around until the 1970's. I believe it would be difficult for The Little Prince to be a rip off.

I liked the first half of the book more than the second, personally. OP is kind of blatant in saying it, but while there were some valuable lessons about not wasting your life doing silly things, there were some pretty twisted morals. For example, the aforementioned lesson would have had pretty much the same effect had (spoilers) the Little Prince not "died" in the end. In addition, the Little Prince believes he should love and care for the rose no matter how bad she treats him, which is kind of a promotion for abusive relationships. Despite this, you have to look deep to find the darker messages, while the better messages are right on the surface ("grown ups are very strange indeed"), which is perfect for a childrens book. Sorry OP, but a mention of suicide doesn't make this book the "WORST BOOK EVER".

I had to read this book in the original French at school and I agree with you totally that it is dreadful

Particularly speaking, I'm not a big fan, but I do enjoy some roles, and the way Exupery writes about relationships. Clean and Simple.
Maybe Little Prince could be the worst role in history, but it always inspired people, nations and speeches to show their best.

Read the book and saw the movie when I was a kid, and I have to admit that although I enjoy the storyI still dont quite get it, particularly the tragic ending (or is it tragic?). Maybe now at age 42 I need to investigate it again.

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Charlie Coil The story has long been thought of as a kind of Christian allegory. The little prince is God's son who gives ...more
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I would not say it is the worst story ever but to me it was a waste of time. I found it boring and useless and got a few years thinking that maybe I had not understood it right. Now I would just say it is silly and I really did not like it.

I have no objection to your Heaven's Gate cult comparison (even though it's obviously wrong, since, as someone pointed out, the cult didn't exist yet), but for insulting any Goodreads members who like this book, your review becomes flag-worthy.

You are entitled to your own opinion. But for me it's not the worst story ever. Not even close to that. It inspired me and touched my heart in ways I couldn't imagined possible. It will always be one of my favorite books.

You are allowed not to like this book, but this is subjective and other people who are reasonably right in the head may like it.
I don't like books by Ionesco, whose books are studied at school in France, it doesn't necessarily mean they are crap or that people who like them are nuts.

I love the book personally, I don't know what you read.

I get the sense you made this post just to be contrary. If you didn't then all I can say is wow.

I guess people really can get very different impressions from the same book.

The first time I fell in love, I read this book aloud to my love, and I plan to read it aloud to my children. Like many great stories, I believe the story is not meant literally, it is a series of metaphors and teaches the lesson of how to love even when it is difficult.

I'm sure it's not the worst story ever.
You shouldn't read it just as a story.
If you think about each word it said, you will find it a great story.
It shows our world in a new way and describe it very well.
Don't trifle with it.

I thought it was quite a sweet story - not sure I would ever have made a connection with Heaven's Gate (which as Feliks said, came about thirty years after the book was published).
It's even been translated into Welsh.

I'm screwed in the head and I'm happy to say that:) I love this book and its life's lesson, if you read the book,it already gives you a fair warning in the first drawing if it is a hat or you think its a boa constrictor with the elephant on his tummy,,.get the point? being narrow minded that is... so if you based judgement over Incredulous things then you are missing the whole meaning of the story.

Poor prince, getting lashed on like that, by someone who probably did not even read the book.
but, I'm thankful that there are many people who would come to the prince's rescue!!!

This discussion is interesting. I read "The Little Prince" quite awhile ago and I liked it. I recommended it to a friend and he thought it was a lot of nonsense. I think he read this book from such a strict literal perspective that he missed the story being told.

I love this book, how come you think its the "WORST STORY EVER"?

As Exupery said in book:"If you succeed in judging yourself rightly, then you are indeed a man of true wisdom." I will say that you are not a man of true wisdom since you miss the point of book.

Trivia - It was the favorite book of James Dean, revered the simple but resounding meaning spoken by the Little Prince, to whom he related so deeply - What is truly important can only be seen with the heart.

I'm with Jimmy on this one.

I love this book!!!

I am also stupid because I LOVE this book

I guess I'm so screwed in the head then, too. I was crying my eyes out when I read this story, and I loved every second I spent reading it. It teaches children a lot, and teaches adults even more. Maybe if you stopped yelling about how sick the book is and you actually broke it down and understood the meanings behind everything Saint-Exupery is saying in the book. Stop being so dense. People love this book for a reason, just because you don't like it (or fail to comprehend it) doesn't mean it should be burned or banned or avoided by readers.

'The Little Prince' isn't JUST a children's book.It's way more then that.Even as a an adult you can learn a lot from this odd story,that presents us many different types of persons. Each one of them have a 'main' fault. In my opinion it is quite hard to understand the meaning of the book. Saint Exupery wrapes his true message in a layer of metaphors and symbols.
I think that this is a book for people that, after they have done reading it,they are able to reflect on and find the real sense of it.(It is a little bit like coehlo,a lot if philosofy and symbolism)
In the end I enjoyed it. I guess we all are scruwed in the head and you are the only normal person here, but, I guess, it depends of a persons taste in books.
I personally recomend it to everyone.

Screwed in the head then. You might like, or not, the book. And, you may not be a fan, as Randi said, that's Ok too. But assuming V is not a troll, he (or she) should notice there's no ranting about the matter in this thread. I was 33 when I first read Little prince, and I can't say if it's a kid's book or a grown up's one. Even when Exupery let that matter clear at the beginning. But if you don't get the point at the end of the book (you may like it or not, either) you may become a very sad and lonely man at the end of your life.

OP: No.

I don't know about you. But this is one of my favorite books. ♥

Such an amazing book, I love it.. it's in fact one of my favourite books until today.. And I'm 19! It's beautiful, with such a deep message.
It's also greatly writen

V wrote: "Are you all so stupid that you can't see that this story is a rip-off of the "Heaven's Gate" cult? A bunch of idiots killed themselves because they thought that they transcend themselves to a space..."

It sounds like it was the puppets that scared your child, not the story. Very common in young children (many are frightened of clowns, for example). I can see how a parent could react to their child being frightened by an outside event, but it won't help him/her to grow into a happy adult if the reason for the fright isn't addressed.

Also, as others have asked or pointed out: did you read the book?

You seemingly try to protect your daughter from bad things (which this isn't), and then insult nearly everyone on the planet. Something doesn't add up.

I hope you're a troll, because people who actually think this make me sad. :(

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It is a beautiful story. On one level it is simple but, on a deeper level it contains a message that could make our world a nicer place; unfortunately, it is fairly obvious that most people do not relate to this deeper message.

V wrote: Are you all so stupid that you can't see that this story is a rip-off of the "Heaven's Gate" cult? A bunch of idiots killed themselves because they thought that they transcend themselves to a spaceship floating next to a comet.

Obviously, V is not aware that The Little Prince was written in 1943, and Heaven's Gate cult did not come into being until the early 1970s - a bit difficult for the first to be a 'rip-off' of the second...

LOL ok so I guess you have not understood a single lne of the book right? do your research before you start saying these things, and in public!!!

Regardless of the content in the story . . . faults or not. Good writing is good writing, and this book articulates so much more than simple conceptual beliefs, because it captures the emotion and autonomy that each of us can connect to on some level(I hope).

Wow! You're one angry person
I'm happy to join all the others who are "sick in the head"

A post about a book actually based on a puppet show is like reviewing a novel based on the movie. The author, Antoine de St. Exupery, was written for adults. It is an allegory, meaning everything in it represents something else. It's very obvious to any adult what it actually means, it takes a bit of experience concerning people, art, love, even politics to fully understand it, so children only read it for the surface story. Again, it was never written for children. Obviously the ranter does not have an informed opinion.

I invite people to flag "V"'s comment for his/her hate speech, please. E.g. saying the word "stupid" 3 times, and "idiot" twice, plus stating that people who like the story are "SICK IN THE HEAD!!!"

I hope Goodreads deletes his/her comment ASAP.

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I find it hard to believe you have written what you have about The Little Prince, you certanily don't seem like a troll. It would be nice if you would at least acknowledge all the comments posted here, people got a little bit heated up but as you can see what you said is a historical inaccuracy. Also maybe you should read the book and concentrate on other parts that critize businessmen, drunkards etc. Or maybe the part with the fox which says "What is essential is invisible to the eye". I don't know but you shouldn't judge a book based on its various interpretations.

one of the best stories of all time

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I don't get it what you want to say at all... -___- This book is a masterpiece, that only human with wonderful inner world could write. This book tells as everything what's happening in live. Things we see and ignor, things that we never saw, or things that we doing ouserlves. This book talks about love, friendship and etc. and little prince was alter ego of author itself. You can call it part of his authobiograhy. People that don't get this book and etc. should read Jung analysis on this book...

I would like to know WHY do you thing it is "WORST STORY EVER" since your post does not explain about it.

Thanks for sharing!

V wrote: "Why don’t you all who love this sick story so much go and join the “Heaven’s Gate” cult and go kill yourselves so that you can transcend your bodies and ride a comet? You'd rid this planet of a bunch of idiots.
PS: ANYBODY who likes this story is screwed in the head"

Welcome to the ''Screwed in the head '' brigade then, V Jane as The Little Prince was published years before your Heaven's Gate cult.

I read a nice quote today and this is part of it:
''"The fool doth think he is wise...'' Shakespeare

For others who may like this book or not like it, I think that the difference is when you read it. If you read as a child, you will still like it as an adult. If you read as an adult, then you will have to put yourself in the shoes of a little child again. Not an easy thing to do.
Well, this is my theory. Might be totally wrong.

V wrote: "Are you all so stupid that you can't see that this story is a rip-off of the "Heaven's Gate" cult? A bunch of idiots killed themselves because they thought that they transcend themselves to a space..."

If you just know the story behind The Little Prince and its author, you would see its beauty. Readers must not only understand what thy are reading with their minds but also with their hearts. It's a very tragic story, really.

Who agrees: V is the kind of person who thinks elephants in a boa constrictor are hats? :)
The Little Prince is not that terrible. Why would I be sadistic for liking it? I don't enjoy hurting people... And last time I checked my head is quite fine thank you.
You should read the book and not hurt other peoples feelings.
*sniffle sniffle*

Proud to be "screwed in the head"! Do I smell books burning? Good grief! I thought this book was a hoot and a delight, and I've read it more than once in French and English. It came to my attention while I was reading Leo Buscaglia ...... and though he could have been accused of trying to create a cult following ..... it certainly wasn't one of malice or sweeping generalizations!! Peace out .....

I thought it was cute. I would like to know why you thought it was cultish and stupid?

not a fan either!

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